#653: 2018.09.16 [dmitry vasilyev]

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photo by dmitry vasilyev

our first show back after our annual summer break is a sad return to the airwaves, as while we were away we learned of the passing of our friend and colleague, dmitry vasilyev. dmitry was an organiser, podcaster, music and mushroom enthusiast, expert, curator of the monochrome vision record label, and author of the massive treatise on italian experimental music, viva italia. in this edition we pay tribute to dmitry with a mix of his monochrome vision releases, as well as a few tracks from the field-recording based the sound ecology: range compilation released some years back on his other label project, nitkie. dmitry has been steadily sending us the releases featured in this edition since our first meeting back in 2009, and to be honest, the massive, growing pile of amazing sounds to explore was so intimidating that we never managed to get most of them on the air. we’re devastated that this is what it took, but we’re very happy to finally be able to present this great label’s body of work.

a massive tribute release, entitled monochrome visions, is being organised by frans de waard, and will be released on september 18th on the kormdigitaal bandcamp page. only 2 days after making the call for contributions there were already over 50 tracks. when it’s available you’ll find it here:


meanwhile, as promised on the air, here are further links for information on dmitry and his many projects:

monochrome vision: http://www.monochromevision.ru
nitkie: http://www.nitkie.ru
IEM podcast: https://www.mixcloud.com/iem_podcast
radikaliai interview: https://tinyurl.com/ydd8p7ho
indie-guides interview: https://tinyurl.com/yaa2mwyu

you will be greatly, greatly missed, dmitry. thank you for the sounds.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 04:08  /  jeremy hegge  /  framework introduction, recorded in australia

02:07 – 08:01  /  tbc  /  part two  /  the birth of gods: insecta  / monochrome vision

04:08 – 15:19  /  roel meelkop & mecha/orga  /  duet  /  rotterdam 54:21  /  monochrome vision
http://www.r0m.nl, http://www.mecha-orga.com, http://www.monochromevision.ru

10:00 – 19:11  /  simon whetham  /  darkerspace  /  meditations on light  /  monochrome vision
https://www.simonwhetham.co.uk, http://www.monochromevision.ru

13:01 – 19:48  /  yannick dauby  /  neuf août deux mille dix  /  the sound ecology: range  /  nitkie
http://www.kalerne.net, http://www.nitkie.ru

14:59 – 22:58  /  jason kahn & richard francis  /  16:32  /  –  / monochrome vision
http://www.jasonkahn.net, http://www.richardfrancis.net.nz, http://www.monochromevision.ru

17:49 – 28:40  /  kiyoshi mizutani, hideaki shimada & kiyoharu kuwayama /  bicephalous  /  gambetta  /  monochrome vision
http://www.lethe-voice.com, https://sites.google.com/site/hsppico, http://www.monochromevision.ru

21:43 – 33:17  /  yannick franck  /  the dive  /  hierophany  / monochrome vision
http://www.yannickfranck.com, http://www.monochromevision.ru

27:32 – 33:47  /  artificial memory trace  /  scene 12  /  ama_zone 1: black waters  /  monochrome vision
http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com, http://www.monochromevision.ru

33:30 – 37:49  /  freiband  /  re-x  /  replicas  /  monochrome vision
http://www.beequeen.nl, http://www.monochromevision.ru

34:09 – 42:27  /  murmer  /  strata  /  the sound ecology: range  /  nitkie
http://www.murmerings.com, http://www.nitkie.ru

38:05 – 44:52  /  y-ton-g, asmus tietchens & kouhei matsunaga  /  Y AK /  YAK  /  monochrome vision
http://www.tietchens.de, http://koheimatsunaga.site, http://www.monochromevision.ru

40:49 – 48:29  /  pbk & telepherique  /  seen through cloud cover  / noise-ambient connection  /  monochrome vision

43:38 – 48:55  /  francisco lopez  /  untitled #194  /  untitled (2006-2007)  /  monochrome vision
http://www.franciscolopez.net, http://www.monochromevision.ru

45:29 – 56:01  /  das sythetische mischgewebe  /  situacta  /  the escape of he electrified dermatologist…  /  monochrome vision

48:08 – 53:47  /  batchas  /  prospecting  /  explorations 85-95  / monochrome vision
http://www.batchas.com, http://www.monochromevision.ru

48:58 – 59:00  /  ralf wehowsky  /  dmitry speaking  /  the sound ecology: range  /  nitkie
http://www.selektion.com, http://www.nitkie.ru

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