#652: 2018.07.29

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izabela dłużyk, soundscapes of spring, lom 2017

this is it, folks, our last edition before our annual summer break! we’ll be back with edition #653 on september 16th, after a good long pause to recharge and refresh our ears (and spend some time in the lake – in the midst of an unusually hot estonian summer!). in the meantime, we think this show brings the season to a nice close, a more inward-looking mix or mostly untreated recordings.

but fear not! there are plenty of sounds to fill your ears with while we’re gone! not only are there hundreds of shows waiting for you in the framework archives, but we’ve just released yet another back-issue of our framework:afield series of compilations over on bandcamp, so go on over and have a listen, or better yet, buy the download and support the show!


and while we’re talking about supporting the show, as we draw this season to a close our patreon campaign stands at 55% of our initial minimum goal. not bad, but it could be better. and we’ve only had one new person sign up to support the show in july, so we’re appealing to YOU, dear listeners, one last time before we leave you alone for six weeks, if you enjoy the program and you want to see it continue, PLEASE GO ON OVER TO PATREON AND SIGN UP RIGHT NOW TO MAKE A MONTHLY CONTRIBUTION TOWARDS KEEPING US ON THE AIR.


again, we are always looking for new material, whether raw field recordings, field recording based composition, or introduction submissions. we are also now accepting proposals for full editions of our guest curated framework:afield series. send proposals or material, released or not, on any format, to the address at the bottom of this mail. if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

happy summer, we’ll see you again in the autumn!

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 02:56  /  keith de mendonca  /  framework introduction, recorded in london, uk

01:23 – 14:21  /  manja ristić  /  vela pržina  /  other island  /  [self-released]
http://sonicmatter.blogspot.com, https://sonicmatter.bandcamp.com

02:22 – 04:07  /  –  /  tuning  /  vienna, at  /  aporee soundmaps

03:52 – 09:18  /  izabela dłużyk  /  blackbird has spoken  /  soundscapes of spring  /  lom
https://lom.audio, https://zvukolom.bandcamp.com

06:47 – 15:52  /  terje paulsen  /  little boat contact-mic’ed  /  –  /  –

12:16 – 19:00  /  jimmy peggie  /  houston  /  resting places  /  [self-released]
http://www.jimmypeggie.com, https://jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com

15:11 – 22:01  /  izabela dłużyk  /  primeval forest in may  /  soundscapes of spring  /  lom
https://lom.audio, https://zvukolom.bandcamp.com

16:42 – 26:36  /  jamie mccarthy  /  royal airforce 100th annversary flyover  /  london, uk  /  aporee soundmaps

19:44 – 30:34  /  manja ristić  /  lenga  /  other island  /  [self-released]
http://sonicmatter.blogspot.com, https://sonicmatter.bandcamp.com

22:28 – 26:30  /  terje paulsen  /  two branches  /  –  /  –

25:16 – 33:50  /  jimmy peggie  /  howff  /  resting places  /  [self-released]
http://www.jimmypeggie.com, https://jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com

28:13 – 38:14  /  felix blume  /  Toads singing during the afternoon in a field  /  benesti, ro  /  aporee soundmaps

32:22 – 44:21  /  manja ristić  /  buža rt ražnjić  /  other island /  [self-released]
http://sonicmatter.blogspot.com, https://sonicmatter.bandcamp.com

34:20 – 40:12  /  izabela dłużyk  /  morning by a river  /  soundscapes of spring  /  lom
https://lom.audio, https://zvukolom.bandcamp.com

38:38 – 49:28  /  terje paulsen  /  [untitled]  /  –  /  –

42:42 – 52:03  /  jimmy peggie  /  tibbermore  /  resting places  /  [self-released]
http://www.jimmypeggie.com, https://jimmypeggie.bandcamp.com

48:35 – 58:13  /  izabela dłużyk  /  tree trunk in a river  / soundscapes of spring  /  lom
https://lom.audio, https://zvukolom.bandcamp.com

53:13 – 54:57  /  terje paulsen  /  through an aluminum tube  /  –  /  –

57:58 – 59:00  /  –  /  preparation of art stays exhibitions and tombs /  ptuj, si  /  aporee soundmaps

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