#620: 2017.11.26

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manja ristić, sonic anatomy, self-released 2016

our second-to-last regular edition of the year, in which we announce the details of our upcoming fund-raising release, framework:seasonal issue #9, winter 2017. it’s been a while since our last issue, but we’re back with a new format; issue #9 will feature three long works only, rather than the usual longer list of shorter works that has been our wont in the past. the tracklist:

01 ::: jonáš gruska ::: federovo ::: 19:12
02 ::: bird & renoult ::: what you see… ::: 29:35
03 ::: fintan o’brien ::: xixuau part 1 ::: 17:04

jonáš gruska, slovakian sound artist and phonographer, has had many appearances on framework over the past few years, both his own work and the releases on his lom label. bird & renoult is the duo of longtime-favorite radio artist dinahbird (originally from the uk) and jean-philippe renoult (france), based in paris. and fintan o’brien is a northern irish nature recordist who we had the pleasure of meeting here in estonia recently, as he embarked into the alam pedja nature reserve for one of his recording trips. we are very excited about all 3 of these works, and we’re sure you will be too, so please consider supporting framework radio by making a one-time donation of 20€ or more, or signing up to make a regular monthly contribution of 5€ or more, and you’ll go down on our list to receive one of the first copies of issue #9, shipped out to you in the winter solstice, december 21sthave a look at the donations bar on the right-hand side this or any page to make a contribution.

besides our attempts at fundraising, we also took a listen in this edition to some great sounds by new favorite manja ristić, old favorite marc nambland, a long composition constructed from the sounds of a motion picture processing machine by derek jenkins, a ten-recording layering by italian artist chelidon frame, more sounds from the aporee soundmaps, and an unusual framework introduction recorded for us in the uk by peter annear, who has this to say about it, in case you want to look into it a bit further:

“here is a composition triggered by a painting called ‘white line song’ by my brother, jeremy annear. i composed a simple theme for guitar, which i played and devised some sonic responses to some of the elements in his image.”

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 04:39  /  peter annear  /  framework introduction, recorded in the uk

01:33 – 15:19  /  manja ristić  /  silent tears  /  sonic anatomy  / [self-released]
https://manjaristic.bandcamp.com, https://sonicmatter.bandcamp.com

09:00 – 11:28  /  or poiesis  /  two sleepy iron giants, ambience, wind, dry grass, danude river  /  novi sad, rs  /  aporee soundmaps

10:23 – 16:22  /  marc namblard  /  awala  /  f. guyana  /  gruenrekorder
http://www.marcnamblard.fr, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

13:51 – 23:23  /  chelidon frame  /  (null) point ex_  /  (null) point ex_  /  [self-released]

16:15 – 24:57  /  miloš vojtěchovský  /  water cistern  /  lapta, cy  /  aporee soundmaps

19:36 – 33:45  /  derek jenkins  /  E6 [excerpt 1]  /  –  /  –
https://derekbjenkins.bandcamp.com,  http://niagaracustomlab.com

24:45 – 33:31  /  marc namblard  /  forest drones  /  f. guyana  / gruenrekorder
http://www.marcnamblard.fr, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

27:26 – 44:57  /  manja ristić  /  radio rain  /  sonic anatomy  / [self-released]
https://manjaristic.bandcamp.com, https://sonicmatter.bandcamp.com

37:00 – 47:39  /  giuseppe gavazza  /  port bou walking night  / girona, es  /  aporee soundmaps

39:21 – 45:13  /  marc namblard  /  kaw mountain, post-explosive breeding  /  f. guyana  /  gruenrekorder
http://www.marcnamblard.fr, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

42:47 – 57:21  /  derek jenkins  /  E6 [excerpt 2]  /  –  /  –
https://derekbjenkins.bandcamp.com,  http://niagaracustomlab.com

46:07 – 52:35  /  georg klein  /  schoolpalacemusic [excerpt 1]  / pyongyang, kp  /  aporee soundmaps

54:12 – 59:00  /  marc namblard  /  awala’s garden  /  f. guyana ii (digital bonus) /  gruenrekorder
http://www.marcnamblard.fr, http://www.gruenrekorder.de

56:27 – 59:00  /  georg klein  /  schoolpalacemusic [excerpt 2]  / pyongyang, kp  /  aporee soundmaps

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