#616: 2017.10.29

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jon hassell, dream theory in malaya, glitterbeat, 2017

a compelling collection of releases finding their way into the show this week, not least of which is the re-release of jon hassell‘s 1981 collection dream theory in malaya, his second fourth world release. mostly instrumental and exploring the tones and instruments of the senoi people of malaya, it also incorporates (as heard in the tracks we’ve selected) some field recordings. along with that we heard the latest release from  new york’s contour editions, new and old cassette releases by peter coyte and dillon vessels, a wonderful document of a fisherman’s strike in venice (as the strikers sounded their fog horns up and down the canals), and our latest selection of recent uploads to the aporee soundmaps. as always, i’ll point out that the two recordings marked anonymous as only so because the artist has not created a username at the aporee maps, and i’d rather not guess incorrectly based in an email address. so if either of there are your recording, and you’d like to be credited, just let me know and i will update the playlist.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 06:07  /  keith de mendonca  /  framework introduction

03:41 – 06:30  /  sala  /  contact  /  ferry stockhom-helsinki  / aporee soundmaps
http://alas23.blogspot.com.ee/, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=38405

05:00 – 13:46  /  jon hassell  /  malay  /  dream theory in malaya  / glitterbeat
http://www.jonhassell.com, http://glitterbeat.com

05:32 – 20:36  /  gil sansón  /  [excerpt 1]  /  untitled (for dion workman)  /  contour editions

10:12 – 26:39  / peter coyte  /  part one  /  crack & murmur  /  impeka
http://www.petercoyte.com, http://impeka.org

18:23 – 25:33  / ahmad saufie jaffar /  evening in bukit sina  /  melaka, my  /  aporee soundmaps

24:10 – 32:59  /  ian battenfield headley  /  fishermen strike, june 2, 2010; venice, italy  /  –  /  –

24:59 – 29:15  /  jon hassell  /  these times  /  dream theory in malaya  /  glitterbeat
http://www.jonhassell.com, http://glitterbeat.com

31:50 – 42:00  /  sylvia shale  /  sant jaume birds  /  masriudoms, es /  aporee soundmaps

32:55 – 38:45  /  dillon vessels  /  out of winter shapes  /  winter shapes  /  magnetic northwest
[no web info]

37:44 – 52:52  /  gil sansón  /  [excerpt 2]  /  untitled (for dion workman)  /  contour editions

42:14 – 54:09  /  peter coyte  /  part two  /  crack & murmur  /  impeka
http://www.petercoyte.com, http://impeka.org

51:54 – 56:01  /  jon hassell  /  ordinary mind  /  dream theory in malaya  /  glitterbeat
http://www.jonhassell.com, http://glitterbeat.com

57:48 – 59:00  /  anonymous  /  ambulanz vor klapperfroschatmo chom thong bei puh anna  /  tambon hang dong, th  /  aporee soundmaps

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