#610: 2017.09.17 [matt shoemaker]

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matt shoemaker, spots in the sun, helen scarsdale agency, 2007

we’re back from our summer break, but sadly we’re back with another memorial edition, as we learned during our time away of the death of matt shoemaker, an artist whose work we have admired for a very long time. i first encountered matt’s work in the early 2000’s, through his releases on bernhard günter’s essential trente oiseaux label, and the textures he created and the sensibility in the structuring of his sounds were a great influence on my  own compositional endeavours. we first featured his work on the program back in 2006, and he has graced our airwaves several times since. his work, as has been pointed out, is greatly under-appreciated, whereas his name really deserves to be amongst the greats of our ‘genre’. i never had the pleasure of meeting the man myself, but from the tributes i’ve seen by those close to him personally, it seems this is also something i might regret. but in memory of matt i can at least hope to spread the knowledge of his great work a little, for those of you who may not be familiar with him, and provide a brief space on our airwaves for remembrance, for those of you who are.

for this program i have made a personal selection from those of matt’s releases that i am familiar with. they are accompanied by a selection of untreated field recordings (including one of my own) recently uploaded to the aporee soundmaps. the program begins with a framework introduction recorded last winter here in my own village in southeast estonia by my good friend jonathan coleclough.

for more information on matt’s sound and painting work, you can explore these links:

[note: we noticed, in the process of putting this show together, that the helen scarsdale agency, in their own tribute, has made matt’s great spots in the sun cd available basically for free via their bandcamp page. so if you are looking for a way to explore his work more deeply, this is a great opportunity: http://helenscarsdale.bandcamp.com/album/spots-in-the-sun]

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 02:27  /  jonathan coleclough  /  framework introduction, recorded in estonia

01:43 – 10:56  /  patrick mcginley  /  kreenholm factory: weekday ambiance (with distant drone)  /  narva, ee  /  aporee soundmaps
http://www.murmerings.com, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=37236

03:15 – 15:17  /  matt shoemaker  /  erosion A  /  erosion of the analogous eye  /  helen scarsdale agency
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://helenscarsdale.com

09:15 – 21:57  /  matt shoemaker  /  –  /  groundless  /  trente oiseaux
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://trenteoiseaux.de

15:12 – 19:21  /  colin frank  /  kanata montessori school: spring runnoff drain pipe in parkinglot  /  ottowa, ca  /  aporee soundmaps

17:41 – 28:54  /  matt shoemaker  /  … [track 2]  /  spots in the sun /  helen scarsdale agency
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://helenscarsdale.com

23:35 – 35:48  /  matt shoemaker  /  –  /  tropical amnesia one  / ferns recordings
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://fernsrecordings.bandcamp.com

31:17 – 34:30  /  sala  /  dam bridge drone  /  kavarskas, lt  /  aporee soundmaps
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=37657

33:15 – 46:06  /  matt shoemaker  /  –  /  wayward set  /  human faculties

36:57 – 49:18  /  matt shoemaker  /  II  /  warung elusion  /  trente oiseaux
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://trenteoiseaux.de

40:42 – 47:43  /  caroline claus  /  north atlantic fronting  /  são miguel island, pt  /  aporee soundmaps
https://clauscaroline.be, https://aporee.org/maps/?loc=37874

46:43 – 55:55  /  matt shoemaker  /  the apneist  /  the sunken plethora consumes all  /  mystery sea
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://www.mysterysea.net

48:30 – 57:41  /  matt shoemaker  /  isolated agent  /  isolated agent/stranding behavior  /  elevator bath
http://www.humanfaculties.com, http://www.elevatorbath.com

55:47 – 59:00  /  neville smithers  /  humpback whales  /  ponto du ouro, mz  /  aporee soundmaps
http://www.brodanaudio.co.za, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=37469

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