#537: 2015.12.13

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asphodel graphics refined 5.19asphodel, aokigahara, the black sea of trees, invisible birds 2015

this is our last regular edition of 2015 – we hope you’ve enjoyed listening to the years programming as much as we’ve enjoyed making it.

as much as we know you must hate hearing it, we took this last show as an opportunity to try to drum up a little end-of-year support, to remind you, dear listeners, how much framework relies on you, and to ask you to consider this holiday season becoming a framework supporter. it doesn’t take much – if those of you who enjoy the show each week could see your way to pledging as little as 1€ per month (or 5€, or 10€, or 50€) to help keep us on the air, we really could (and would) simply stop asking. so if you are sick of hearing it, there’s one big thing you can do about it! look for the shiny paypal buttons on the right, and sign up!

this was a fun show to make – revisiting the great and/oar compiliation another kind of language (originally from 2003, now re-released with an extra disc), explored two great new lps from invisible birds, swimming in the buzzing of one of framework‘s newest contributors, and my always-favorite segment of the most recent uploads to the aporee soundmaps.

someone asked recently if there was, somewhere online, a 24/7 stream of field recording radio, and it dawned on me that maybe some of you don’t know about aporee‘s radio project (hopefully you all know about the maps by now). radio aporee is a 24/7 interactive radio stream, playing a constant mix of sounds from the maps, with occasional interjections from live streaming boxes from around the world, live phone connections, and realtime reactions to where listeners are connecting from. it’s amazing, and when you’re not listening to framework, you should be listening to it. it’s here, and it’s what’s on in our house all the time:


we’ll be back next week with one last edition of framework:afield to finish off the year, produced by the students of raviv ganchrow‘s aural tectonics course in amsterdam, until then, as always, many thanks for listening!

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label]

00:00 – 05:30  /  stéphane marin (aka espaces sonores)  /  framework introduction, recorded in sri lanka

03:06 – 07:06  /  udo noll  /  playground swings  /  valparaíso, cl  / aporee maps

04:14 – 12:58  /  michael northam  /  when inaccessible  /  another kind of language  /  and/oar
http://www.orogenetics.org, http://www.and-oar.org

06:59 – 16:13  /  ingenting kollektiva  /  salvation through purification  /  an anatomy of melancholy  /  invisible birds

10:15 – 21:31  /  till bovermann  /  20130709 beehives [extract 2]  / hive five  /  [self-released]
http://tai-studio.org, https://archive.org/details/2013HiveFive

16:00 – 25:20  /  asphodel  /  IB  /  aokigahara, the black sea of trees  /  invisible birds

17:46 – 21:07  /  sala  /  evening at pipe  /  utena, lt  /  aporee soundmaps

19:30 – 26:43  /  yannick dauby  /  bruissements  /  when inaccessible /  another kind of language  /  and/oar
http://www.yannickdauby.net, http://www.and-oar.org

23:35 – 25:35  /  vincent duseigne  /  a mine fan  /  differdange, lu  /  aporee soundmaps

24:48 – 31:22  /  dale lloyd  /  resurrection in midsummer  /  another kind of language / and/oar
http://www.and-oar.org/dalelloyd, http://www.and-oar.org

25:52 – 36:00  /  ingenting kollektiva  /  la guirnalda de rosas  /  an anatomy of melancholy  /  invisible birds

28:35 – 32:07  /  jadda  /  really deep grate  /  calgary, ca  /  aporee soundmaps

30:56 – 37:07  /  ven voisey  /  we were young  /  another kind of language  /  and/oar
http://www.v—v.net, http://www.and-oar.org

35:15 – 46:30  /  asphodel / IIB / aokigahara, the black sea of trees / invisible birds

35:22 – 44:39  /  till bovermann  /  20130709 beehives [extract 1] / hive five  /  [self-released]
http://tai-studio.org, https://archive.org/details/2013HiveFive

41:03 – 45:12  /  magali babin  /  petites nostalgies  /  another kind of language  /  and/oar
http://www.magalibabin.com, http://www.and-oar.org

44:26 – 50:12  /  chris cook  /  bells signalling bridge movement  / hull, uk  /  aporee soundmaps

45:59 – 53:13  /  radio cegeste  /  for shoring up the past, as though with timber  /  another kind of language  /  and/oar
http://radiocegeste.blogspot.com, http://www.and-oar.org

48:14 – 55:36  /  logoplasm  /  sacrifice  / another kind of language / and/oar
http://www.aferecords.com/artists/logoplasm.htm, http://www.and-oar.org

53:11 – 56:01  /  till bovermann  /  20130725_04 front hole  /  hive five  /  [self-released]
http://tai-studio.org, https://archive.org/details/2013HiveFive

55:12 – 57:00  /  kir  /  vietnamese night  /  hồ chí minh, vn  / aporee soundmaps

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