#529: 2015.10.18

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529bannernula, 57311 various mysteries, 1, nula.cc, 2015

after a month on the road (business and pleasure) we’re back home in estonia now, where there’s a new-found chill in the air, but there’s still time for the late-season mushrooms in our nearby forest. after a few days dealing with our twelve apple trees we managed to find a colony of funnel chanterelles not yet damaged by the frost. oh yes, and we listened to some new sounds as well…

upon our return we found a small pile of recent releases from the french baskaru waiting for us – in there days of virtual sounds it’s nice to come home to some actual physical objects, with artwork on paper and uncompressed sound. with those we heard a few lovely unreleased works sent to us recently, and another great episode from one of our favorite podcasters, nula.

part of our recent journey took us to helsinki, where we participated, rather heavily i could say, in the pixelache festival, with three live performances (solo and group) and a four day workshop entitled echo surveys for living spaces. the outcome of our workshop was one of the three performances (walkabout site-specific acoustic improvisations in helsinki’s pasila railyard), but we also put together this aporee project map, which i thought you might be interested in. take a look/listen if you have a moment, and let us know what you think! a few more recordings will be added to the map sometime in the coming days…


and so on to the show…

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label]

00:00 – 05:20  /  martin clarke  /  framework intro, recorded in india

03:28 – 16:30  /  marc namblard  /  [extract 1]  /  vosges, voix sauvages  /  –

09:23 – 18:27  /  emmanuel mieville  /  fertile drone  /  ethers  /  baskaru
http://emieville.free.fr, http://www.baskaru.com

12:48 – 28:46  /  taavi tulev  /  [extract 1]  /  vaikne lainetus vilsandil  /  –

21:32 – 33:02  /  simon whetham  /  the innocence of deceit  /  what matters is that it matters  /  baskaru
http://www.simonwhetham.co.uk, http://www.baskaru.com

26:48 – 34:45  /  yui onodera  /  semi lattice 2  /  semi lattice  / baskaru
http://critical-path.info, http://www.baskaru.com

32:04 – 46:49  /  marc namblard  /  [extract 2]  /  vosges, voix sauvages  /  –

37:26 – 47:25  /  nula  /  57311 various mysteries, 1  /  –  /  nula.cc

42:20 – 52:47  /  simon whetham / things just fall where they want to  / what matters is that it matters / baskaru
http://www.simonwhetham.co.uk, http://www.baskaru.com

47:13 – 55:24  /  emmanuel mieville  /  watt station  /  ethers  / baskaru
http://emieville.free.fr, http://www.baskaru.com

49:50 – 57:00  /  taavi tulev  /  [extract 1]  /  vaikne lainetus vilsandil  /  –

52:06 – 57:00  /  yui onodera / semi lattice 7 / semi lattice / baskaru
http://critical-path.info, http://www.baskaru.com

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