#502: 2015.03.08

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with the third of three shows celebrating the crossing of the threshold of our 500th broadcast, we wrap up our exploration of the three discs that make up the framework500 release. we are finalising production this week, cutting paper, ordering letterpress print blocks, making and mastering papermill and printing press recordings. all very exciting. we still have a few copies of the early adopters thank you pack left, a bundle of little goodies reserved for the first 50 people to order the release and support framework radio, including badges, stickers, drawings, and more. donate 40€ or more to the right to reserve your copy!

once again, many, many thanks for supporting framework over the years, we have no plans to stop, and so hope to make 500 more shows, but we need your help! these releases are meant to be a thank-you to our listeners for their financial support, so although we know no one’s really buying cds anymore, we’re working very hard to produce an exquisite object here, worthy of physical reproduction, and hope that you will see that it is important, if you appreciate the show, to support it. so go NOW and make a donation so we can keep going, you’ll feel good about yourself, and you’ll get a beautiful thing too, that’s full of beautiful sounds. what could be better?

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label]

00:00 – 04:26  /  hitoshi kojo  /  framework introduction, recorded in belgium

03:00 – 09:55  /  veljo runnel  /  wind in forest  /  vastse-kuuste, estonia  /  aporee soundmaps
http://naturesoundscapes.eu, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=27288

07:58 – 14:52  /  jim haynes  /  we feared there was an unfortunate woman amongst them  /  framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.helenscarsdale.com/haynes, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

10:28 – 20:07  /  emmanuel mieville  /  ascenseur en montée  / framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.soundcloud/emmanuel-mieville, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

15:26 – 24:27  /  thomas tilly  /  mycelial path  /  framework500  / framework editions
http://thomas.tilly.free.fr, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

22:21 – 26:39  /  phil mill  /  babbling brook  /  colchester, uk  / aporee soundmaps

25:16 – 35:40  /  jean-luc guionnet  /  what happened?  /  framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.jeanlucguionnet.eu, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

29:50 – 35:38  /  joel stern  /  follow that ice-cream truck (java)  / framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.liquidarchitecture.org.au, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

31:50 – 40:10  /  jez riley french  /  dorset circle (extract)  / framework500  /  framework editions
http://jezrileyfrench.co.uk, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

37:51 – 41:21  /  sala  /  a flagpole  /  kupiskis, lithuania  /  aporee soundmaps
http://alas23.blogspot.com, http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=27306

41:02 – 52:02  /  phill niblock  /  crick  /  framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.phillniblock.com/, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

44:57 – 52:05  /  richard garet  /  shaped water  /  framework500  / framework editions
http://www.richardgaret.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

49:48 – 55:08  /  simon whetham  /  the other side of the hall  / framework500  /  framework editions
http://www.simonwhetham.co.uk, http://www.frameworkradio.net/framework500

53:12 – 57:00  /  anonymous  /  call to prayer  /  fes al bali, morocco  /  aporee soundmaps

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