#492: 2014.12.14 [stéphane marin]

492[powerpress]this edition of framework:afield has been produced in france by stéphane marin, who is also featured on our upcoming edition of framework:seasonal, issue #7, to be officially released on the winter solstice this coming sunday. it’s giving time folks! go to the framework website and donate 20€ or more today to reserve your copy:

after a one month trip in burma stéphane marin (aka espaces sonores) publishes 28 sound postcards weekly on soundcloud. a binaural travel notebook from the country of the golden pagoda: l’oreille nomade #1 – myanmar.

the soundscape of this country so long closed to the world and so preserved from occidental influences can not much longer resist the acoustic pressures of the general homogenization of sonic globalization. these phonographs are in a manner testimonies to this mutating country now asking for the worldwide model. now for framework, stéphane marin brings us 55 more minutes of sounds, forgotten, evicted or set aside during the original creation.

all these recordings were made with binaural microphones: headphone listening is highly recoommened.


[timeline – add 1’20” for file location points]

00’00”-02’18” : Eating a mutton curry in a food court – On the road between Hpa-An and Yangon.

02’17”-04’42” : Death Bus to the Beach – On the road between Pathein and NwgeSaung.

04’22”-07’33” : Roadside spiritual fund rising – On the road between Moulmein and NwgeSaung.

06’26”-08’43” : Insects, circulation and Zoom H4n fallen – Downtown riverside – Moulmein.

08’31”-10’10” : Chinlone players – Downtown Hpa-An.

09’01”-12’26” : Weaving craft – Inle Lake.

12’10”-13’07” : Tanaka craft demonstration – Old Bagan.

12’49”-14’07” : Calèche trip – Old Bagan.

14’04”-16’03” : Unshipping from motorized pirogue – Pan-Hou.

15’32”-19’04” : Last bath at river – Thanlyin river – Pan Hou.

17’17”-20’43” : Little monks river bath – Thanlyin river – Pan Hou.

20’43”-21’41” : Gong – Indian temple – On the road between Himeinkanein and Moulmein.

20’43”-23’09” : Buddhist litany passing through the hotel window – Parami Hôtel – Hpa-An.

22’40”-27’11” : Mailing at internet cofee – Moulmein.

27’05”-27’20” : Closing the door – Parami Hôtel – Hpa-An.

27’09”-29’34” : Paya birds – Shwedagon Pagoda.

28’27”-30’14” : Bus aircon – On the road between Hpa-An and Yangon.

29’47”-31’33” : Bus saturations – On the road between Pathein and NwgeSaung.

31’32”-33’28” : Bats Cave – Sadan Cave – Hpa-An.

33’02”-35’30” : Inside Win Sein Taw Ya – World largest reclining Buddha – Moulmein.

34’58”-36’47” : Deeper resonances – Sadan Cave – Hpa-An.

36’17”-38’27” : Pirogue trip – Outside Sadan Cave – Hpa-An.

37’35”-39’36” : Beach birds – NwgeSaung Beach.

39’13”-41’03” : Envie pressante… – Slow motion train from Shwen-Yaung to Heho.

40’32”-43’14” : En route ! – Slow motion train from Shwen-Yaung to Heho.

41’50”-43’14” : Muslim litany at radio in a taxi – Mandalay.

44’18”-47’03” : Mingalabar(s) ! & Motor boat in the rear- Pan-Hou.

46’47”-47’07” : Boat horn – Irrawaddy river.

47’03”-49’27” : Daddy is singing for helping baby to wait… – fuel station – on the road between Pathein and NwgeSaung.

48’40”-55’00” : Insomnia – Inle Lake.

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