#488: 2014.11.16 [nick hamilton]

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this is part 1 of a 2 part edition of framework:afield produced by nick hamilton:

Produced in London, UK by Nick Hamilton of Vittelli Recordings using a C90 cassette from Graham Lambkin which details the story of Kye Records and some of it’s releases. Using that tape as the spine of the piece Nick enlisted Kye artists like Moniek Darge, Tim Goss, Vanessa Rossetto, Matthew Revert, Matthew Hopkins, Mark Harwood, James Rushford, and Matt Krefting to supply words and exclusive/unreleased tracks.

Part 1 follows the course of Side 1 of the tape and Part 2 follows Side 2.



Graham Lambkin – Poem for Voice and Tape (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Album: Poem for Voice and Tape – Kye 01, 2001)

Graham Lambkin – The Currency of Dreams (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Album Salmon Run – Kye 02, 2007)

Graham Lambkin – Jumpskins (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Album Salmon Run – Kye 02, 2007)

The Shadow Ring – Computer Forms
(Artist: The Shadow Ring – Album: Life Review – Kye 03, 2009)

Moniek Darge – Rain (excerpt)
(Artist: Moniek Darge – Album: Sounds of Sacred Places – Kye 13, 2011)

Moniek Darge – Budapest 2014 (unreleased)

Graham Lambkin – Copy Copy (excerpt)
(Artist: Graham Lambkin – Artist: Softly Softly Copy Copy – Kye 04, 2009)

Call Back the Giants – s/t
(Artist: Call Back the Giants – Album: s/t – Kye 07, 2010)

Call Back the Giants – The Historic 1812 (unreleased)

Vanessa Rossetto – De Trop (excerpt)
(Artist: Vanessa Rossetto – Album: Exotic Exit, Kye 20, 2012)

Vanessa Rossetto – Falling (unreleased)

Matthew Revert – The Founder of Dominic (unreleased)

Elklink – Tension Tec (excerpt)
(Artist: Elklink – Album: The Rise of Elklink – Kye 09, 2011)

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