#465: 2014.05.04

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thomas_tilly_script_geometryscript geometry, thomas tilly, aposiopèse, 2014

while physical releases are becoming fewer and further between, the piles of cds, tapes, and records here at framework hq has not been diminishing much, so we’ve decided to spend a few editions focusing on objects. this is not to disparage the value or quality of virtual releases, but it does certainly take a little extra effort to put a thing in an envelope and send it to estonia, and we would like to honor that. so for this and the next few regular edition we will be digging through the stacks, in which we are finding some things that have literally been waiting for years for our ears. so in this edition: sounds from jeph jerman (self-released), terje paulsen (self-released, and since re-released by mystery sea), chris whitehead (observatoire) and the most recent appearance, thomas tilly (beautiful double lp + cd by aposiopèse). we won’t be stopping our aporee soundmaps segment, however, so the virtual is still represented…

we are also now making a public open call for submissions for our framework:seasonal compilation series – issue #6 was released way back in the autumn of last year, and it’s time to start working towards issue #7. we are open to field recordings and compositional work using field recording, as-yet unpublished work (or excerpts) between 1 and 10 minutes, from artists who have not yet appeared in the series. if you have something you’d like to contribute, get in touch!

[time / artist / track / album / label]

00:00 – 03:30  /  udo noll  /  framework introduction, recorded in the uk

01:50 – 06:56  / jeph jerman  /  tomb, monte alban  /  sound 7  /  [self-release]

04:47 – 09:52  /  anonymous  /  fish auction  /  hanstholm, denmark  / aporee soundmaps

08:26 – 14:22  /  thomas tilly  /  hyla nana  /  script geometry  / aposiopèse
http://thomas.tilly.free.fr, http://www.aposiopese.com

10:22 – 20:17  /  chris whitehead  /  gryphaea  /  gryphaea  /  observatoire
http://sonotaphonomy.blogspot.com, http://abser1.narod.ru

13:13 – 26:04  /  terje paulsen  /  [track 2, extract 1]  /  coastline /  mystery sea
http://terjepaul.googlepages.com, http://www.mysterysea.net

19:14 – 24:16  /  anonymous  /  central ambience near build area  / madeley, telford and wrekin, uk  /  aporee soundmaps

21:36 – 35:04  /  thomas tilly  /  la grotte parfum  /  script geometry  /  aposiopèse
http://thomas.tilly.free.fr, http://www.aposiopese.com

28:23 – 38:34  /  chris whitehead  /  jet  /  gryphaea  /  observatoire
http://sonotaphonomy.blogspot.com, http://abser1.narod.ru

30:23 – 36:56  /  jeph jerman  /  chapel, oaxaca  /  sound 7  /   [self-release]

35:54 – 44:32  /  jeremy hegge  /  little wattlebird  /  brisbane water national park, nsw, australia  /  aporee soundmaps

40:47 – 52:55  /  thomas tilly  /  crossroads, nodes  /  script geometry  /  aposiopèse
http://thomas.tilly.free.fr, http://www.aposiopese.com

43:17 – 54:13  /  terje paulsen  /  [track 2, extract 2]  /  coastline /  mystery sea
http://terjepaul.googlepages.com, http://www.mysterysea.net

46:05 – 57:00  / chloé despax  /  in the afternoon  /  place jemaa el fna, marrakesh, morocco  /  aporee soundmaps

52:54 – 57:00  /  jeph jerman  /  chapel, oaxaca  /  sound 7  /  [self-release]

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