#460: 2014.03.30 [keith de mendonca]

DSC_0211[powerpress]this edition of framework:afield has been produced by regular contributor keith de mendonca. keith’s notes about the show:

Framework:afield : festivals in India, Vietnam, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Following on from earlier editions of framework:afield in Asia #165, #188 and #340, this programme tours Asia during 2013.

We visit the Maha Kumbh Mela in Allahabad where 100 million Hindus bathed at the confluence of the Ganges, Yamuna and mythical Saraswati rivers in 2013.

We then make our way to Jodhpur for a Rajasthani folk festival where local musicians are invited from across the musically rich Indian state to perform in the Mehrangarh fort under an Autumn full moon.

Following on are sounds from temples, street ambiance and traditional music from Hanoi and Hoi An, Vietnam. Then prayer wheels, bells, music and traditional dancing from Khatmandhu and Bharatpur in Nepal. Finally we visit the August religious festival in Kataragama, southern Sri Lanka.

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[time – place : sound]

Kumbh Mela – India
00.00 – Varanasi : Bells and horns after the fire puja ceremony
01.35 – Allahabad : Pontoon 17 over the Ganges river at night
03.30 – Allahabad : Women singing around a camp fire
05.20 – Allahabad : Gamelan sounds from a campsite 2am
07.28 – Allahabad : Naga Sadhus chanting 3am
09.23 – Allahabad : Procession chants and ambiance
12.01 – Allahabad : Lost & found announcements
13.00 – Allahabad : Horns blown along the procession to the river

Jodhpur – India
16.20 – Jodhpur : Musicians practicing in the town square before a free concert
18.04 – Jodhpur : Two boys singing, clapping – stringed instrument accompaniment
20.00 – Jodhpur : Drums and Castanets
22.18 – Jodhpur : Circular men’s dance
24.03 – Jodhpur : Men’s dance (flat drum and metal castanets)
26.16 – Jodhpur : Jaw harp and tabla
30.09 – Jodhpur : Flutes

33.12 – Hanoi : Street loudspeakers
35.00 – Hoi An : Reed mat weaving machine
36.34 – Hanoi : Temple singing at Đình Tây Luông temple
38.59 – Hanoi : St Jospeh’s church bells
39.47 – Hanoi : Ca Tru musicians
42.30 – Hoi An : Reed mat weaving machine
42.40 – Hoi An : Riverside street market voices
42.55 – Hanoi : Temple singing at Đình Tây Luông temple

44.58 – Khatmandhu : Bells and prayer wheels at the Boudhanath Stupa
45.56 – Khatmandhu : Teacher at the Swayambhunath Stupa
46.10 – Khatmandhu : Political speech, main square
46.20 – Khatmandhu area : Traditional dance
47.24 – Khatmandhu : pensioners singing along to a harmonium
48.51 – Bharatpur : Evening songs by a temple in the main square

Sri Lanka
49.30 – Mulirigala – Prayer whilst tying a Rakhi wrist band
50.27 – Kataragama : Blessings and bells at Maha Devale
51.07 – Kataragama : Street seller’s horns and bells
51.45 – Kataragama : Kavadi (peacock dance) band. Crowd hoops during piercings
53.34 – Amritsar : Stadium announcer at the India/Pakistan Wagah border

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