#440: 2013.10.27

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P1000503chris whitehead, phragmocone, framework:seasonal issue #6, autumn 2013, framework editions

this is the second and the last show of our fall fundraising season, featuring the remaining tracks from issue #6 of our framework:seasonal compilation series. we listened last time to works by petra kapš, kim walker, mathieu ruhlmann, sawako, and david velez. in this edition we hear further tracks by sawako and petra kapš (both of whom contributed multiple shorter tracks for the release), éric la casa, tessa elieff, chris whitehead, and artificial memory trace. an amazing collection of sounds, and we urge you, one last time, to support framework radio and pick one up! framework barely manages to scrape by financially, and our only income is donations from you, our dear listeners. these cds are a way for us to say thank you, which is why they are only available directly from the framework website. we know you’re listening, and we know you all support the program morally, but please, if you can, consider some more concrete support, make a one-time donation today, or sign up to make a regular monthly contribution of as little as €1. PLEASE GIVE! we can’t do it without you.

our framework:seasonal tracks were accompanied by sounds by mexican artist vlax, by a recent work by omalto, and by a framework introduction recorded in russia by gleb lee.

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 05:57  /  gleb lee  /  framework introduction, recorded in russia
[no web info]

03:41 – 12:11  /  omalto  /  [extract 1]  /  sin-ka-pho  /  [self-release]

09:58 – 15:10  /  sawako  /  plum hill  /  framework:seasonal #6 / framework editions
http://www.troncolon.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

14:04 – 19:01  /  éric la casa  /  short cuts from a grammar for listening  /  framework:seasonal #6 /  framework editions
http://ascendre.free.fr, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

18:12 – 26:12  /  vlax  /  paisaje berraco, bogotá, columbia  /  –  /  –

21:40 – 26:52  /  omalto  /  [extract 2]  /  sin-ka-pho  /  [self-release]

24:47 – 33:23  /  tessa elieff (tattered kaylor)  /  booroomba to borough  /  framework:seasonal #6 /  framework editions
http://tattered-kaylor.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

31:20 – 38:41  /  chris whitehead  /  phragmacone  /  framework:seasonal #6 /  framework editions
http://sonotaphonomy.blogspot.be, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

36:23 – 43:14  /  vlax  /  amsterdam loving my ears  /  –  /  –

40:31 – 44:43  /  vlax  /  dia-de-plaza, oaxaca  /  –  /  –

44:15 – 54:59  /  artificial memory trace  /  blue and red dusk  / framework:seasonal #6 /  framework editions
http://artificialmemorytrace.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

52:57 – 57:00  /  petra kapš (OR poiesis)  /  late night creaky lullaby for cricket/23  /  framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://aporee.org/maps/projects/SilentSpaces, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

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