#438: 2013.10.13

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sawako-hokuhokusawako, hokuhoku no aki, framework:seasonal issue #6, autumn 2013, framework editions

well folks, i’ve been hitting you over the heads with it for a week or so now, so you probably know already, but with this edition we officially begin celebrating the release of framework:seasonal issue #6, autumn 2013. twelve great new tracks by 9 artists, all of whom are releasing work on framework editions for the first time: artificial memory trace, chris whitehead, david velez, éric la casa, kim walker, mathieu ruhlmann, petra kapš (OR poiesis), sawako, and tessa elieff (tattered kaylor). in this edition, along with new works by matt wellins and lethe (and an intro by new contributor andrew cromar), we sampled the first half of the seasonal release, and we’ll take a listen to the rest of it next time.

framework:seasonal is a fund-raising effort from framework radio. we make these cds so that we have something to give back to you, dear supporter, when you donate to framework radio. we do this because framework needs to generate income in order to exist. it takes a lot of time, and we still have rent and bills to pay, and we still get hungry occasionally. so please: if you want framework to continue PLEASE consider ordering one (or all) of the issues of framework:seasonal, and we think this new one is a good place to start! if you think cds are all 2010, don’t hesitate to donate anyway, we can send you files instead, or just a massive THANK YOU! we all know that in this day and age it’s becoming harder and harder to sell physical media, but remember, you’re not just buying a cd, you’re enabling new editions of your favorite radio show to be made, continuing the over 11 year tradition of framework radio.

so GIVE! and GET!

(time / artist / track / album / label)

00:00 – 04:05  /  andrew cromar  /  framework introduction, recorded in the uk

03:32 – 06:17  /  petra kapš (OR poiesis)  /  late night creaky lullaby for cricket/26  /  framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://aporee.org/maps/projects/pathsforpoems, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

05:38 – 13:59  /  kim walker  /  mormaerdom  /  framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://www.kimwalkerart.co.uk, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

12:51 – 26:30  /  matt wellins  /  refractive index [extract 1]  /  –  /  –

16:05 – 29:34  /  lethe  /  catastrophe point #9  /  catastrophe point #9 & #10  /  oral
http://www.lethe-voice.com, http://www.oral.qc.ca

27:19 – 34:35  /  mathieu ruhlmann  /  pathetic germination  / framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://www.mathieuruhlmann.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

33:38 – 38:34  /  sawako  /  hokukohu no aki  /  framework:seasonal #6 /  framework editions
http://www.troncolon.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

37:47 – 51:32  /  matt wellins  /  refractive index [extract 2]  /  –  /  –

39:27 – 49:41  /  lethe  /  catastrophe point #10  /  catastrophe point #9 & #10  /  oral
http://www.lethe-voice.com, http://www.oral.qc.ca

47:09 – 56:01  /  david velez  /  silent toll  /  framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://davidvelezr.tumblr.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

54:03 – 57:00  /  petra kapš(OR poiesis)  /  yard window/swifts  / framework:seasonal #6  /  framework editions
http://aporee.org/maps/?loc=16532&m=hybrid, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

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