#375: 2012.05.13

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this is our final edition of our spring fundraiser and focus on the framework:seasonal #2, spring 2012 release, featuring the last 3 tracks from the compilation by camilla hannan, pali meursault, and lasse-marc riek, and reminding you loudly, frequently and incessantly: we need you! framework is not free to produce, but it is free to hear, and therefore we rely on your generosity and acknowledgement to make production possible. please, if you listen to the show regularly, either via broadcast, streaming or podcast, make a contribution. a one-time donation or a regular monthly contribution of as little as 1€ can help ensure that there will be plenty more frameworks to come. go to the website now and you can feel good about yourself and enable us to pay our studio rent! and what’s more, for your gift you can get yourself a copy of one of our fundraising compliations: framework:seaonal issue #1 or the new issue #2, or even one of the now-classic framework250 4-disc sets (only 2 or 3 left!). we’ll stop going on about it now, at least until june, when a very special framework:seasonal #3, summer 2012 will be released. stay tuned for details on that as the spring progresses…

so this edition’s framework:seasonal tracks were accompanied by a handful of other great contributions. we heard several excerpts from a wonderful piece by a young local estonian artist who found us recently, erik illaste, who we sincerely hope we’ll be hearing more from soon. also 3 wonderful tracks from ann rosén‘s noisy textural release on the swedish firework edition imprint, a single track from an upcoming release by german artist gabi schaffner, and another lovely framework introduction my regular contributor martin clarke.

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

06:48  /  martin clarke  /  framework intro

03:20 – 13:10  /  erik illaste  /  feeding of the dying burning machine [extract 1]  /  –  /  –

08:28 – 15:25  /  ann rosén  /  krita/chalk  /  thimble noise  /  firework edition
http://www.annrosen.se, http://www.fireworkeditionrecords.com

14:46 – 23:24  /  camilla hannan  /  straddie  /  framework:seasonal ::: spring 2012  /  framework editions
http://www.camillahannan.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/spring2012

21:44 – 26:22  /  gabi schaffner  /  kantele tea party  /  musiques d’orion  /  –

25:05 – 32:10  /  erik illaste  /  of the dying burning machine [extract 2]  /  –  /  –

27:37 – 32:50  /  ann rosén  /  fingerborgsbrus/thimble noise  /  thimble noise  /  firework edition
http://www.annrosen.se, http://www.fireworkeditionrecords.com

32:20 – 39:47  /  pali meursault  /  offset, flux #1  /  framework:seasonal ::: spring 2012  /  framework editions
http://www.palimeursault.net, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/spring2012

39:04 – 46:25  /  erik illaste  /  of the dying burning machine [extract 3]  /  –  /  –

40:54 – 49:32  /  ann rosén  /  text/text  /  thimble noise  /  firework edition
http://www.annrosen.se, http://www.fireworkeditionrecords.com

46:44 – 57:00  /  lasse-marc riek  /  judenbad, friedberg, germany (jewish bath)  /  framework:seasonal ::: spring 2012  /  framework editions
http://lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/spring2012

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