#374: 2012.05.06 [luís antero]

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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in portugal by luís antero. for more information see his website at http://luisantero.yolasite.com. luis says:

The collection of the intangible heritage of soundscapes of Beira Serra and part of the Natural Park of Estrela Mountain (Portugal) has been my main goal since 2008, the year I started in the fantastic world of field recording. Never until then had I heard the area where I live. I had always seen it, as most of those who live here. The abundant nature of these areas and their beautiful inviting landscapes. By collecting sound i discovered an entirely different universe to explore and learn about. Since then I have dedicated my free time to documenting, disseminating and preserving this sound legacy. There are many sounds that do not exist here anymore (from many of the mills in operation in the past, only two reveal their sound ancestors, for example) and the sounds of those who live every day in these parts of the interior of Portugal, both in nature and the daily life of the men, women and children who live here. This sound piece attempts to precisely capture this reality, sometimes hidden, sometimes on display for all those who want to hear and feel. When traveling by these roads of wonderful sound, well traveled by the multiple identities of a rural Portugal who wants to be preserved, but also released in all its acoustic diversity. Thank you, Patrick!

(time  /  sound)

01:20 – 06:15 – Ants
06:05 – 08:45 – Water Wheel
08:40 – 10:24 – Local People 1
10:23 – 12:40 – Chocalhos
12:20 – 16:04 – The Sheperd Day/Local People 2
16:00 – 18:50 – Frogs
18:40 – 21:49 – Wind
21:20 – 23:35 – The River (excerpt)
23:30 – 24:35 – Water Mill
24:25 – 27:04 – Local People 3
27:00 – 27:19 – Trator em Pomares
28:15 – 29:08 – A Meio Caminho (excerpt)
29:05 – 32:51 – A nobre arte de calcetar
32:35 – 38:10 – Passarada e o trabalho do Sr. Manuel Dias
37:50 – 42:41 – Local People 4
42:40 – 44:24 – Bees and Water
44:15 – 45:32 – Local People 5
45:25 – 52:02 – Levada de ·gua
52:05 – 56:20 – Water Mill 2

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