#366: 2012.03.11 [stefan paulus]

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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in hamburg, germany by stefan paulus. for more information see his website at http://psychogeography.blogsport.de. stefan says:

This show is not a linear drop down playing songs show. It´s more a cluster, a collage of sound collages from field recorders, street walkers, sound artists. The following playlist represented therefore more the structure of the show – you will find Bernard Parmegiani for example at the beginning and in the end. I also used “own” field recordings, collected through psychogeography drifts, in between.

Playcluster for framework:afield:

Ian Breakwell & Ian McQueen – Breakwell’s Circus (1979) # Bernard Parmegiani – L’ecran Transparent (1973) # Juergen Ploog & Column One – Tote Zone I (2005) # William S. Burroughs – Throat Microphone Experiment / Word Falling, Photo Falling / Creepy Letter, Cut-Up At The Beat Hotel In Paris / Origin and Theory of the Tape Cut-Ups (1959 through 1986) # KK Null, Chris Watson & Z’EV – Conclusion – Demon, (the super-natural) mercury hearing water north winter twilight / Development – Woman (the balance) saturn taste earth centre late summer noon (2005) # Bj Nilsen & Stilluppsteypa – Man From Deep River. Part three (2009)# Chris Watson – 3m (2007) # Dave Phillips – Schimpfluch-Commune Chiang Mai (2007) # Sibirische Zelle – Knechte des Tourismus (2005) # Rolf Dieter Brinkmann – Schreiben ist etwas völlig Anderes (1973) # Francisco López – Populations of Xenophyoph (1993) # Yannick Dauby & Thomas Koener – Une Topographie Sonore (2002) # Stefan Paulus – Sendeschluss der Kulturindustrie / Pension Falkenhof und Gaststaedte Bruns / Unwahrnehmbar-Werden / Journey into the grey Room (2009-2012)

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