#362: 2012.02.12 [invisible birds]

this edition of framework:afield has been produced by the curators of the invisible birds record label. for more information see http://www.invisiblebirds.org.

Birds for Framework Radio

A selection of bird related field recordings curated by the Invisible Birds label owners Matthew Swiezynski and Diane Granahan, and assembled by chief librarian sir Arthur de Eriomém.

(artist  /  album  /  label – year  /  track)

1. Jonathan Coleclough  /   Makruna Minya  /  ICR / Siren Records – 2004  /  Makruna
2. Dr. Roger S. Payne  /   Songs Of The Humpback Whale  /  –  /  –
(modifié par Arthur de Eriomém)
3. Jean-Claude Roché  /  Oiseaux du Vénézuéla  /  Edwards Records – 1973  /  –
4. Koner & Dauby  /  Une Topographie Sonore: Col de Vence  /  Mille Plateaux – 2003  /  –
5. Ingenting Kollektiva  /  Fragments of Night  /  Invisible Birds – 2011  /  side b looped
6. Jean-Claude Roché  /  Rossignols: A Nocturne of Nightingales  /  Frémeaux & Associés – 1993  /  A Wood In The Ile De France
7. Vikki Jackman  /  Whispering Pages  /  Faraway Press – 2008  /  Dreams
8. Akio Suzuki  /  Odds and Ends  /  Hören – 2002  /  Ta Yu Ta I #2 (birds and bird-like)
9. Jonathan Coleclough  /  Cake  /  Siren Records / Robot Records – 1998  /  –
10. Douglas Quin  /  Antartica  /  Miramar  /  1998  /  Wind Harps from The Taylor Valley, Canada Glacier, and Emperor Penguins
(modifié par Arthur de Eriomém)
11. Olivier Messiaen  /  Catalogue d’oiseaux /  –  /  Le Chocard des Alpes
(modifié par Arthur de Eriomém)

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One Comment

  1. Posted January 4, 2013 at 7:52 pm | Permalink

    What a wonderful show, such a privilege to be able to hear so many birds all at once from all over the world, and those mesmerising drones take you through all the worlds in all the tracks just seamlessly. A cheering listen on a rank old January day.

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