#351: 2011.11.13

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so we’ve passed our 350th show landmark with this, our latest regular edition, which continues our exclusive premieres of tracks from the new framework seasonal release, this track by greek artist, now resident of lithuania, yiorgis sakellariou, aka mecha/orga. his track is a dense swirling mass of naturally built static, featuring his signature dynamics and power. check it out! if you like it, consider supporting framework by picking up a copy of the cd, which you can of course do by making a donation via the framework website – show your support and help keep us on the air!

we also heard a composition for four organs by tom johnson – field recording? you may ask. instruments recorded live in concert, and yet acoustically in an exceptional space that leaves the traces of its resonance on any recording. i let you be the judge.

also featured were emmanuel mieville‘s recent baskaru release constructed from recording made during his extensive travels in southeast asia and costa rica, and a few first tracks from the magnetic traces compilation, curated by eric la casa and philip samartzis as a survey of french and australian sound art. we’ll come back to some more track from that one in the near future.

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 03:34  /  david brieske  /  framework intro

02:12 – 07:28  /  thomas tilly  /  room field  /  magnetic traces  /  swarming
http://www.fissur.com, http://ascendre.free.fr/swarmingproduction/swarming.html

04:35 – 17:16  /  tom johnson  /  [excerpt 1]  /  orgelpark color chart  /  mazagran

09:58 – 23:50  /  emmanuel mieville  /  cahuita, costa rica  /  four wanderings in tropical lands  /  baskaru
http://www.myspace.com/emieville, http://www.baskaru.com

19:55 – 25:36  /  richard ginns  /  spring (yelllow + orange)  /  a shifting dynamic of colour  /  12×50

23:47 – 29:51  /  tarab  /  vald  /  magnetic traces  /  swarming
http://www.23five.org/tarab, http://ascendre.free.fr/swarmingproduction/swarming.html

29:51 – 36:49  /  mecha/orga  /  6.58  /  framework seasonal ::: autumn 2011  /  framework editions
http://www.mecha-orga.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/autumn2011

36:43 – 42:38  /  anthea caddy & thembi soddell  /  intimate geometrie  /  magnetic traces  /  swarming

38:30 – 50:33  /  tom johnson  /  [excerpt 2]  /  orgelpark color chart  /  mazagran

40:53 – 51:40  /  emmanuel mieville  /  tarapoto, peru / kuantan, malaysia  /  four wanderings in tropical lands  /  baskaru
http://www.myspace.com/emieville, http://www.baskaru.com

49:10 – 54:33  /  richard ginns  /  winter (light blue + purple)  /  a shifting dynamic of colour  /  12×50

50:43 – 57:00  /  jean-luc guionnet  /  lac  /  magnetic traces  /  swarming

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