#331: 2011.05.29

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greetings from normandy, where our summer travels have begun with a visit back to home turf from our recent past.  the coming weeks will also be taking us to helsinki, tallinn, london, and glastonbury, before returning to southeast estonia in mid-july. if you’re in any of these spots give us a shout…

great sounds this week from many different directions: two italian artists, including work from london-based emanuele costantini, and a beautifully packaged self-released cdr from carlo giordani. also a collaborative work from montreal-based regular-contributor france jobin, aka i8u, and tomas phillips; the first half of the beautiful and beautifully packaged double-cd from west coast american label invisible birds and japanese artist kiyoharu kuwayama, aka lethe; a self-released work from argentinian artist sol rezza; and a self-released cdr from american favorite matt shoemaker.

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(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 05:01  /  emanuele costantini  /  framework introduction

02:50 – 12:27  /  carlo giordani  / sera  /  sanglisente  /  non funziona

06:36 – 15:13  / i8u & tomas phillips  /  point  /  ligne  /  atak
http://www.i8u.com, http://www.incursion.org/phillips, http://atak.jp

08:28 – 23:26  /  lethe  /  [track 1] /  catastrophe point #7  /  invisible birds
http://www.lethe-voice.com/kk, http://invisiblebirds.org

08:50 – 12:20  /  sol rezza  /  preguntas  /  verdades minúsculas  /  [self-release]

17:30 – 23:53  /  carlo giordani  / vento  /  sanglisente  /  non funziona

23:16 – 24:53  /  sol rezza  /  verdades minúsculas [extract 1]  /  verdades minúsculas  /  [self-release]

23:28 – 53:10  /  matt shoemaker  /  wayward set  /  wayward set  /  human faculties

26:42 – 34:44  /  carlo giordani  / bivacco  /  sanglisente  /  non funziona

30:23 – 48:46  /  i8u & tomas phillips  /  ligne  /  ligne  /  atak
http://www.i8u.com, http://www.incursion.org/phillips, http://atak.jp

32:06 – 49:19  /  lethe  /  [track 1] /  catastrophe point #7  /  invisible birds
http://www.lethe-voice.com/kk, http://invisiblebirds.org

50:28 – 56:29  /  carlo giordani  / muche parle II  /  sanglisente  /  non funziona

55:38 – 57:00  /  sol rezza  /  verdades minúsculas [extract 1] /  verdades minúsculas  /  [self-release]

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