#231: 2009.03.22 [felicity ford]

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this week’s sheepish edition of framework:afield has been produced in the uk by felicity ford:


Featuring highlights from Greg Wagstaff, the Sounding Dartmoor project and the excellent Freesounds archive, this episode of Framework has largely been arranged around Felicity Ford’s sheep-related recordings.

Since October 2008, Felicity has been researching the history of the British Wool Trade in writing, knitting and sound-recording. Her explorations have taken her into the bleak Romney Marshes where wool was smuggled out of the country for hundreds of years, into smallscale spinning mills, and on the daily rounds of a Wensleydale flock keeper. Growing her own crop of Woad and recording the process of turning it into a dye, she has also met with sheep farmers and learned about the related Indigo-dyeing process.

The sonic aspects of the British Wool Trade recording journey so far have been like wool itself; full of the stories of people, animals and the land, full of the loudness, earthiness, laughter and straightforwardness that accompany hard work, scratchy like the kemp in fleece, and sometimes – like knitting – repetitive, soft, and quiet.

Felicity Ford’s websites:

Websites related to the show:


meanwhile i also have a call for works to let you know about – for all you experienced phonographers or aspiring newcomers, resonancefm’s own joel cahen is looking for works for his wet sounds program of underwater performances.  have a look at his open call for works here: http://www.newtoy.org/wetsounds.  mention framework for an automatic deadline extension until the 20th of april.

00:00 – 00:42 / acclivity / Herdofsheep.wav / freesound project

00:42 – 02:53 / acclivity / sheepandlambs.mp3 / freesound project

02:53 – 03:04 / felicity ford / sick lamb

03:04 – 03:52 / felicity ford / hog in wool

03:52 – 07:11 / felicity ford / Julia Desch talks about breeding

07:11 – 07:28 / felicity ford / miscellaneous baas

07:28 – 08:11 / felicity ford / Julia Desch talks hay

08:11 – 08:49 / felicity ford / Baa-ing Wensleydales

08:49 – 13:56 / felicity ford / a ewe calling for her Son, her Ram-lamb

02:53 – 13:56 all recorded at Beech Hill Farm, Sussex, with Julia Desch and her small flock of Wensleydale Sheep

13:56 – 14:54 / dobroide / Sample :: 20080302.sheeps.close.wav / freesound project

14:54 – 26:24 / greg wagstaff / Sheep herding/whistle / Sharpening scissors/shearing / Barvas Fank / Generator start [distant] /  Electric shears / Touring Exhibition of Sound Environments / Earminded Label

26:24 – 29:08 /nancy sinclair / Farmers collecting sheep for their annual shearing, near Two Bridges in Devon / Sounding Dartmoor / John Levack Drever  http://www.rermegacorp.com/

29:08 – 30:48 / felicity ford / Rachael Matthews’ Spinning Wheel

30:48 – 33:18 / felicity ford / Diamond Fibres Smallscale spinning mill

33:18 – 34:46 / felicity ford / the sea at Dymchurch / Rachael Matthews’ swift / Dymchurch Beach

34:46 – 37:36 / felicity ford / harvesting the waxy woad leaves

37:36 – 40:32 / felicity ford / woad dyebath preparations

40:32 – 46:41 / felicity ford / indigo dyebath & sheep farmer talk

46:41 – 50:22 / felicity ford / knitting

50:22 – 54:52 / greg wagstaff / Scraping crotal/lichen off a rock / Traditional wooden hand loom [Joan MacLennan] / Hattersley loom / Rapier loom, Lewis castle college tweed workshop, Stornoway /Touring Exhibition of Sound Environments / Earminded Label

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