#195: 2008.05.04

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after an intro recorded by regular contributor (look our for his latest edition of framework:afield, coming soon to a central heating system near you) adam wimbush, we limited ourselves to only 3 shiny disks this week, although this involved a few more than 3 artists, as one of the shiny disks is a compilation. heizung raum 318 is the product of several years of meeting in room 318 (i have, in fact, been there myself) at hamburg university, in order to listen to and discuss various musics and sonic arts.  of course, when you fill a room with people who like to listen, those people will invariably start to listen to the room itself, and so room 318’s faulty heating system was discovered, as well as the fact that this system could actually be ‘played’, enticing contrasting tones from the release valves or multiple radiators.  source recordings were made and shared out, and this compilation is the result.  we’ve featured work from each artist, as well as (the last several minutes of this edition) the original source material.

we also heard a series of untreated field recordings by eric cordier, including several that were made during visits to japanese volcanoes.  these recordings were interspliced with several sonic postcards from my fun (justin hardison) from his release sonorine, based on the first world war-era gramophone-style ‘postcards’ of the same name.

and for the record: we have gone back and forth over the years with including artist contact addresses in these playlists, but due to their increased visibility and reproduction on the net, we now think this is to risky, from a spam-prevention point of view.  we will from now on only be including website info for contributors, but if you would like to get in contact directly with any artist featured on framework, get in touch with us directly and we will do our best to put you in touch.

00:00 – 04:51  /  adam wimbush  /  framework intro

03:28 – 13:47  /  asmus tietchens  /  keine wärme  /  heizung raum 318  /  1000füssler

09:23 – 15:54  /  my fun  /  signal drift  /  sonorine  /  the land of

13:35 – 19:24  /  eric cordier  /  osorezan: l’air dans l’eau  /  osorezen  /  herbal

19:24 – 20:25  /  my fun  /  musik-postkarten  /  sonorine  /  the land of

18:57 – 25:39  /  stefan funck  /  version paris-dakar  /  heizung raum 318  /  1000füssler

22:01 – 31:41  /  eric cordier  /  osorezan: l’air et l’eau  /  osorezen  /  herbal

26:14 – 40:42  /  gregory büttner  /  heiz  /  heizung raum 318  /  1000füssler

32:21 – 43:40  /  eric cordier  /  pas temps sec  /  osorezen  /  herbal

36:45 – 40:07  /  my fun  /  phonopostal  /  sonorine  /  the land of

40:07 – 41:19  /  my fun  /  a field in freilassing  /  sonorine  /  the land of

40:54 – 46:13  /  nikolai stephan  /  ziehung  /  heizung raum 318  /  1000füssler

45:45 – 48:12  /  eric cordier  /  dekishima  /  osorezen  /  herbal

47:15 – 52:34  /  my fun  /  sonorine  /  sonorine  /  the land of

50:51 – 55:24  /  eric cordier  /  l’air dans l’air  /  osorezen  /  herbal

54:23 – 59:30  /  –  /  ausgangsmaterial  /  heizung raum 318  /  1000füssler

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