#192: 2008.04.13 [crónica]

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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in porto, portugal by crónica electronica.  for more information see http://www.cronicaelectronica.org.

“A Chronicle of Crónica, around 5 years of it.

Mixed by Pedro Tudela and Miguel Carvalhais in February and March 2008.

We started Crónica in 2003. Originally intending to release both our work and that of a relatively close group of friends and artists, we have since produced and released work from artists a bit from all over the world. Along the way, we have been finding unexpected points of contact between the work of all those that have thus far collaborated with Crónica and what was once perhaps a small group has now grown to a much larger collective.

The mix we produced for this broadcast presents music that Crónica has released or is about to release, looking back to the first five years and simultaneously ahead to what we can only hope is a much longer time.”

01    00:00/28:25
Gilles Aubry (ch/de)
“Berlin Backyards”
in Berlin Backyards
Crónica 036~2008 TBR

02    02:00/11:13
Paulo Raposo (pt)
“A Bag of Water”
in Mus*****ic
Crónica 032~2008

03    04:08/10:02
o.blaat (usa/jp)
“one morning” (w/ Kaffe Matthews)
in Two Novels: Gaze / In the Cochlea
Crónica 012~2004

04    06:10/15:16
Pigeons in my street
recorded by MCarvalhais

05    10:49/15:56
Lawrence English (au)
“Relocated (UTC)”
in Happiness Will Befall
Crónica 022~2005

06    12:57/18:22
PT’s cats
recorded by PTudela

07    16:19/17:47
Gintas K (lt)
track 8 from “Lovely Banalities”
Crónica 040~2008 TBR

08    17:19/23:47
@c (pt)
“18” (with Manuel Mota and João Hora)
in v3
Crónica 010~2004

09    20:57/21:59
Recorded live (1:02:026)
by PTudela

10    21:22/27:42
The Beautiful Schizophonic (pt)
“Music for Lonely People”
in Mus*****c
Crónica 032~2008

11    23:09/27:04
@c + Vitor Joaquim (pt)
in De-Tour
Feld 005 / 2007

12    25:20/42:19
@c (pt)
in Crónicast 016
recorded live May 19 2006

13    27:57/30:14
Ákos Garai (hu)
“To Bjeller”
in Essays on Radio
Crónica 020~2005

14    29:19/31:40
Boca Raton (nl)
“Circle ‘4”
in Product 05
Crónica 019~2005

15    31:18/34:09
James Eck Rippie (usa)
“Black Transmission”
in Mus*****ic
Crónica 032~2008

16    32:39/36:37
“01.1 – 01.4” (work in progress files)
by PT

17    35:08/39:14
Ran Slavin (il)
“DAT Beats”
in The Wayward Regional Transmissions
Crónica 028~2007

18    37:33/41:48
Cem Güney (tr)
“A Phonetics Theme”
in Praxis
Crónica 034~2008 TBR

19    40:23/41:23
Stephan Mathieu & Janek Schaefer (de/uk)
“Maori Love Song”
in Hidden Name
Crónica 027~2006

20    41:00/41:59
Davor Mikan (at)
in Täuschung
Crónica 030~2007

21    41:44/43:31
Autodigest (pt)
in A Compressed History of Everything Ever Recorded, Vol. 1
Crónica 006~2003

22    42:01/44:13
Davor Mikan (at)
“Der Eisverkäufer explodiert einfach”
in Täuschung
Crónica 030~2007

23    42:18/45:28
Freiband (nl)
“De Kabale Brug”
in Leise
Crónica 026~2006

24    44:00/46:45
The Beautiful Schizophonic (pt)
“La Lectrice” (avec Colleen)
in Musicamorosa
Crónica 029~2007

25    45:12/49:47
o.blaat (usa/jp)
in Two Novels: Gaze / In the Cochlea
Crónica 012~2004

26    46:11/47:17
Tilia (de)
“…and coming back”
in vous rêvez/ vous ne rêvez pas
Crónica 015~2004

27    46:20/54:45
Feltro (André Gonçalves) (pt)
Crónicast 021

28    47:41/54:53
Sonega, Alentejo, Portugal
Recorded by PTudela

29    50:07/52:20
@c (pt)
in Compilatorio #2
Alg-a / 2006

30    52:14/56:59
Pal (pt)
live at Passos Manuel, 22 December 2007

31    53:09/56:59
[des]integração (pt)
in On Paper
Crónica 005~2003

32    56:34/57:00
Karlheinz Stockhausen (de)
“…on sound”

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