#157: 2007.04.18 [rob mullender]

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this edition of framework:afield was produced in london, uk, by rob mullender.  of this edition rob says:

it’s called ‘have nagra – will travel’ and is a tribute to the work of some of the great ethnographic recordists of the 20th century. without these people and the labels that released the material, much of this music which no longer exists would be lost….

…rather sadly i am a vinyl fan – the artefact has too great a hold upon me. i think with this stuff it’s justified though. many of these records were intended for academic study and have fairly copious notes (especially the ocora ones – 5 page booklets in the gatefold). for me the most fascinating are hugo zemp’s dan masque recordings. for the dan, the masque actors aren’t just representing the spirits, they ARE the spirits ontologically speaking. the ‘mask that eats water’ is what the dan call ‘a naked mask’ – in other words completely auditory. it’s a piece of bark over a hole with vegetable fibers poking through. water is poured onto the fibers (hence the name) and they are then rubbed with both hands.  in the ‘long mask’ recording, the voice of the spirit is altered by singing through a horn with a membrane over the end, which is hidden under the costume. i love the idea of an audio mask…

…maybe i should call it ‘thousands of miles of tape’ instead. it makes no sense, but i sort of like it. what do you think?

Title  /  L.P.  /  Label  /  Catalogue  /  Recordist

Tingteila  /  Music from the Himalayas  /  Argo R530  /  Deben Bhattacharya

The Water Drum  /  Cameroon – Baka Pygmy Music  /  EMI Odeon 064-18265  /  Simha Arom

Musical Bow  /  Musik Der Hamar  /  Museum Collection Berlin MC6  /  Ivo Strecker

Mask with the big voice  /  Masques Dan Cote D’Ivoire  /  Ocora OCR 52  /  Hugo Zemp

Procession and dance with corpse  /  Ceremonial music from Northern Dahomey  /  Phillips Unesco Musical Sources 6586 022  /  Simha Arom

Flute Ensemble  /  Traditional Music of Ethipoia  /  Disques Vogue Collection Musée de L’homme CLVLX – 164  /  Jean L Jenkins

Kachari Ballad  /  Music from the Himalayas  /  Argo R530  /  Deben Bhattacharya

Akazehe Greeting song  /  Musique de Burundi  /  Ocora OCR 40  /  Michel Vuylsteke

Let it ring, let it sing  /  Music of the Tartar People  /  Tangent TGM 129  /  Laszlo Vikar

Stornello  /  Sicily in Music and Song  /  Argo DA 30  /  James McNeish

Two melodies on bagpipe  /  Music from Hungary  /  Argo ZFB 49  /  Deben Bhattacharya

Orchestre de Trompes Brotu  /  Musique Centrafricaine  /  Ocora OCR 43  /  Charles Duvelle

Guegblain The long mask  /  Masques Dan Cote D’Ivoire  /  Ocora OCR 52  /  Hugo Zemp

Ghau Kilori / Musique de Guadalcanal / Ocora OCR 74 / Hugo Zemp

Gueyibeau The mask that eats water  /  Masques Dan Cote D’Ivoire  /  Ocora OCR 52  /  Hugo Zemp

Going down to the banks of the Idas  /  Music of the Tartar People  /  Tangent TGM 129  /  Laszlo Vikar

Koleo – Womens’ Funeral Chant  /  Musique de Guadalcanal  /  Ocora OCR 74  /  Hugo Zemp

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