#349: 2011.10.30

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#349, folks. you know what that means? next week is our 350th show! but you’ll be spared most of the hooplah, as it’s an edition of framework:afield, so not much air-time to go on and on about a little anniversary. so we’ll have to celebrate now, #349, 99 shows since we began our framework250 celebrations back in 2009, only 151 shows until we celebrate the big 500! now that’ll be something, and although it seems like a long time from now, we now know that 100 shows goes by like a snap of the fingers; i’m stil recovering from the blisters i got making the framework250 cd packaging. and what better way to celebrate 349 hours of radio broadcasting over almost 9 and a half years then to donate all (ok, some) of your hard-earned cash to framework, get lots of copies of the great new framework seasonal ::: autumn 2011 cd, and sit at home listening to hifi recordings of wire fences, recycling bins, fireworks, crosswalk signals, underwater insects, and much more, all exclusively recorded for us by guys with musical taste as weird as yours. go ahead! indulge!


this show features quite a few long works, including the vinyl-only release by jim haynes, the decline effect, the 3″ split cd by toy.bizarre and hitoshi kojo, japan vol. 1, and the sonic explorations of the polish city of toruń, tonopolis. we also heard the 5th track from the above mentioned framework seasonal release (the recycling bin one, if you must know) by american artist ernst karel. all this began with a long form framework introduction in french by regular contributor emmanuel mieville.

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 13:44  /  emmanuel mieville  /  framework introduction

03:47 – 23:39  /  jim haynes  /  ashes  /  the decline effect  /  helen scarsdale agency
http://www.helenscarsdale.com/haynes, http://www.helenscarsdale.com

13:31 – 19:29  /  rafał kołacki & co.  /  impression i  /  tonopolis  /  noisen rec

18:39 – 27:43  /  hitoshi kojo  /  atterrisage  /  japan vol. 1  /  kaon
http://www.omnimemento.com, http://www.kaon.org

27:44 – 36:55  /  ernst karel  /  plattenbau (abfall herausgenommen)  /  framework seasonal ::: autumn 2011  /  framework editions
http://ek.klingt.org, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/autumn2011

36:56 – 42:09  /  rafał kołacki & co.  /  impression ii  /  tonopolis  /  noisen rec

39:24 – 50:21  /  jim haynes  /  half-life  /  the decline effect  /  helen scarsdale agency
http://www.helenscarsdale.com/haynes, http://www.helenscarsdale.com

43:11 – 55:14  /  rafał kołacki & co.  /  notebook  /  tonopolis  /  noisen rec

47:12 – 55:50  /  toy.bizarre  /  kdi dctb 126 [i]  /  japan vol. 1  /  kaon
http://www.ingeos.org, http://www.kaon.org

51:29 – 57:00  /  rafał kołacki & co.  /  toruński random  /  tonopolis  /  noisen rec

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