#347: 2011.10.16

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we’ve been cramming sound into our shows for the last several months, so this week we tried to get back to the times when we gave them a bit more space, so you’ll notice that this week’s playlist is much shorter than they have been of late. on the one hand, we like dense, and we’ve still got a big big pile of submissions to work our way through, but on the other – winter is coming, so maybe this more minimal winter sound is taking hold of our ears.

in any case, we featured two fine cd releases from two fine records labels (dragon’s eye recordings and unfathomless, a new(ish) sublabel started by our friends at mystery sea), and a lovely unreleased soundwalk from a newcomer to our airwaves. we started this off with a framework intro from another framework regular, and topped it off with the latest exclusive track from our upcoming framework seasonal compilation cd, this one a composition of underwater recordings made by uk sound artist lee patterson.

and, if you’ve somehow missed my constant blathering about this new cd release, i can now say we’ve never been closer to ready to sending them out! the discs are ready, the sleeves are in from the printers, and we’ll have the stamps on friday. all tracks are exclusive to this release and have been donated by their authors  (sebastiane hegarty, marc behrens, mark peter wright, lee patterson, ernst karel, mecha/orga, paulo raposo, gill arno and joe stevens) in support or framework radio, and they sound great. they are slow-burned onto the highest quality taiyo yuden cdrs, and packaged in locally printed sleeves made with locally produced 100% recycled paper (local being the small town of räpina here in southeast estonia), and each sleeve and disc are hand-stamped with specially made rubber stamps. you can find further info and images here:


so show your support for framework radio and pre-order one now!

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label) 

00:00 – 04:38  /  luís antero  /  framework introduction

03:23 – 16:22  /  mem1 & stephen vitiello  /  cascoplecia  /  age of insects  /  dragon’s eye
http://www.mem1.com, http://www.stephenvitiello.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

06:04 – 20:29  /  juan josé calarco  /  [track 1 excerpt 1]  /  aguatierre  /  unfathomless
http://www.myspace.com/juanjosecalarco, http://www.unfathomless.net

18:07 – 26:45  /  robert peterson  /  oakland soundwalk [excerpt 1]  /  –  /  –

22:27 – 31:14  /  mem1 & stephen vitiello  /  electrinocellia  /  age of insects  /  dragon’s eye
http://www.mem1.com, http://www.stephenvitiello.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

31:14 – 41:20  /  lee patterson  /  below flatford surface  /  framework seasonal, autumn 2011  /  framework editions
http://www.myspace.com/therealleepatterson, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal/autumn2011

41:07 – 54:46  /  juan josé calarco  /  [track 1 excerpt 2]  /  aguatierre  /  unfathomless
http://www.myspace.com/juanjosecalarco, http://www.unfathomless.net

48:00 – 56:48  /  robert peterson  /  oakland soundwalk [excerpt 1]  /  –  /  –

51:56 – 57:00  /  mem1 & stephen vitiello  /  vosila  /  age of insects  /  dragon’s eye
http://www.mem1.com, http://www.stephenvitiello.com, http://www.dragonseyerecordings.com

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