#341: 2011.09.04

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greetings all, we’re back to new programming, after our traditional summer break! a lovely first-show-back for you, featuring some monsoon-rain recordings and composition by keith de mendonca, untreated harbourside recordings by lasse-marc riek, the latest batch of electroasoustic compositions from hanna hartman, and some unreleased japanese sounds by christopher olson. this all began with a framework introduction that i recorded myself, from inside my tent at 4am this last summer at glastonbury festival, where i work every year. listen to that rumble – this is a tent in a staff camping field, up on a hill and well away from where the noise is made. and this was on a quiet night, before the festival even officially opened…

we also heard the first track from our new cd compilation, entitled resistance #4, by sebastiane hegarty. this is the first track on the first issue of our new framework seasonal series, the autumn 2011 edition. framework seasonal is a regular review of work produced by artists working with field-recordings. all works are previously unreleased, and contributed freely by their creators in support of framework radio. you can reserve your copy (they’ll be ready to go in the next few weeks) by making a minimum donation of €18 via the donations bar on the right side of the framework website (25% of your donation goes directly to resonancefm in london). many thanks to the artists, who have made this project possible.

this first edition features work by:
sebastiane hegarty
marc behrens
mark peter wright
lee patterson
ernst karel
paulo raposo
gill arno
joe stevens

framework seasonal is a fund-raising effort for framework radio. as you know, the shows are produced on a voluntary basis, and we need the support of listeners to continue. so show your support, keep us on the air, and get yourself a copy of the first issue of framework seasonal!

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 05:11  /  patrick mcginley  /  framework introduction

02:49 – 13:40  /  keith de mendonca  /  monsoon rain [extract 1]  /  –  /  –
[no web info]

09:21 – 14:08  /  lasse-marc riek  /  [track 1]  /  harbour  /  herbal international
http://www.lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.herbalinternational.tk

11:02 – 26:46  /  hanna hartman  /  message from the lighthouse  /  h^2  /  komplott
http://www.hannahartman.de, http://www.komplott.com

16:41 – 20:34  / christohper olson  /   hatsumode  /  –  /  –

20:45 – 25:15  / lasse-marc riek  /  [track 2]  /  harbour  /  herbal international
http://www.lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.herbalinternational.tk

24:50 – 30:49  /  keith de mendonca  /  monsoon rain [extract 2]  /  –  /  –
[no web info]

30:53 – 37:05  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  resistance #4  /  framework seasonal, autumn 2011  /  framework editions
http://www.sebastianehegarty.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net/seasonal

37:07 – 40:20  /  lasse-marc riek  /  [track 5]  /  harbour  /  herbal international
http://www.lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.herbalinternational.tk

39:21 – 48:00  /  hanna hartman  /  nightlock  /  h^2  /  komplott
http://www.hannahartman.de, http://www.komplott.com

41:03 – 51:39  /  keith de mendonca  /  monsoon rain [extract 3]  /  –  /  –
[no web info]

46:33 – 53:37  /  lasse-marc riek  /  [track 6]  /  harbour  /  herbal international
http://www.lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.herbalinternational.tk

51:29 – 55:47  hanna hartman  /  shanghai fireflies  /  h^2  /  komplott
http://www.hannahartman.de, http://www.komplott.com

53:04 – 57:00  /  lasse-marc riek  /  [track 8]  /  harbour  /  herbal international
http://www.lasse-marc-riek.de, http://www.herbalinternational.tk

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