#339: 2011.07.24


almost all online released or unreleased work this week, aside from one physical (actually double cd) release by dave phillips on the little enjoyer label.  osvaldo cibilsh88h pieces are available directly from his website, while jack harris‘ can be had from the great compost and height blog, and amptext has many downloadable works also on his site.

this was our last regular edition before our usual summer break – we’ll have one more edition of framework:afield (by keith de mendonca) coming up for you on the 31st, and then we’ll be taking the month of august off for a much needed break. fear not though; as usual we’ve arranged a number of shows from the archives to keep you entertained, this year looking back at several of the early in-studio live performances we had back between 2002-2004. we’ve lined up shows featuring visits from achim wollscheid, michael northam, loren chasse, lean-luc guionnet, and jonathan coleclough. i’m sure you’ll enjoy them.

meanwhile, we can also now announce the start of our new regular series of framework publications! each publication will feature a physical compilation cd and an online magazine of writings, interviews, information, images, and more. we aim to publish a new issue twice a year. as with 2009’s framework250
project (still a few copies left, by the way!) these will be available only directly from us, in return for a donation to framework radio. the first publication will hopefully be ready when we return from our summer holidays in september, and will feature exclusive works by marc behrens, paulo raposo, mark peter wright, ernst karel, joe stevens, lee patterson, mecha/orga, sebastiane hegarty, and gill arno.

we are now also accepting submissions and proposals for the series, in the form of soundworks, writings, reviews, and images. if you’d like to submit something, get in touch!

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 03:52  /  joe stevens  /  framework introduction

01:39 – 22:24  /  doug haire  /  ravine thunder  /  –  /  –

05:49 – 08:31  /  odvaldo cibils  /  h88h2  /  h88h  /  [self-release]

07:10 – 22:42  /  dave phillips  /  cat tien noonday heat  /  ghi âm việt nam  /  little enjoyer
http://www.tochnit-aleph.com/dp, http://littleenjoyer.com

08:59 – 10:46  /  neil griffith  /  arcade compressed  /  –  /  –

12:12 – 22:08  /  marcus beuter  /  faszination maschine – der mensch in der reflektion  /  –  /  –

17:19 – 20:19  / odvaldo cibils  /  h88h5  /  h88h  /  [self-release]

20:37 – 32:25  /  jack harris  /  these are my fingers  /  –  /  compost and height
http://www.jackharris.info, http://compostandheight.blogspot.com

26:26 – 41:26  /  amptext  /  one long  /  –  /  –

33:38 – 51:45  /  dave phillips  /  bao sao lake dusking  /  ghi âm việt nam  /  little enjoyer
http://www.tochnit-aleph.com/dp, http://littleenjoyer.com

43:08 – 55:51  /  doug haire  /  nocturnal viaduct  /  –  /  –

45:04 – 48:04  /  odvaldo cibils  /  h88h6  /  h88h  /  [self-release]

47:20 – 53:42  /  dave phillips  /  zicada river sonata  /  ghi âm việt nam  /  little enjoyer
http://www.tochnit-aleph.com/dp, http://littleenjoyer.com

47:32 – 50:32  /  odvaldo cibils  /  h88h8  /  h88h  /  [self-release]

54:44 – 57:00  /  neil griffith  /  bowling frames  /  –  /  –

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