#297: 2010.09.19

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welcome to our latest regular edition – and as you can see, barely recovered from celebrating our 250th edition (copies of the framework250 compilations are still available!) we’re now rapidly approaching our 300th!  no specific big events planned to coincide, but we *are* planning some more surprises for early 2011, given the success of the framework250 project, so stay tuned.

another announcement to make: i will shortly be departing for a brief visit to the UK, where i’ll be presenting framework in the context of new digital folk-communities at the sound:site festival at the south hill park art centre in bracknell (not too far from london) and where there will be a framework250-themed concert performance, featuring myself, jonathan coleclough, and simon whetham.  that’s on the 2nd of october.  what’s more, i’ll be returning to south hill park the following weekend (october 9th and 10th) to lead a workshop in field-recording and creative radio.  if you’d be interested in coming along for either event, have a look here, there are links with further info to both just below the main heading under ‘featured events’:


so, back to the show: this week we featured several unreleased works, by framework regulars idle quietist and sebastiane hegarty, and also from our latvian friends stalkspace.  we also heard one release from compost and height‘s split 3-inch cdr series, which are all available for free download on their website.  plus some sounds from russian project five elements music, the folks behind the new semper florens record label, which has been busy releasing sounds by michael northam, jeph jerman and mathieu ruhlmann.

(time  /  artist  /  track  /  album  /  label)

00:00 – 04:48  /  martin clarke  /  framework introduction

01:44 – 14:58  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  sketch through the summer  /  three recent  /  –

05:11 – 16:24  /  stalkspace  /  ieskăbušais kalmăra rīts  /  kalmarasmachineria  /  –

09:19 – 19:19  /  five elements music  /  untitled i  /  nexus  /  still*sleep
http://fem.subnota.com, http://ss.semperflorens.net

15:42 – 25:45  /  eric la casa  /  les vibrations dans la masse de son roulement  /  [split with tarab] /  compost and height
http://ascendre.free.fr, http://www.compostandheight.com

18:21 – 30:47  /  ubeboet  /  orange  /  archival  /  moving furniture
http://www.con-v.org/ube, http://www.movingfurniturerecords.com

24:01 – 40:30  /  idle quietist  /  dawn earthwork  /  –  /  –

30:28 – 35:44  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  quartz  /  three recent  /  –

34:20 – 39:16  /  stalkspace  /  tălas kaijas  /  ieskăbušais kalmăra rīts  /  kalmarasmachineria  /  –

35:52 – 45:52  /  tarab  /  utility (2009)  /  [split with tarab]  /  compost and height
http://www.23five.org/tarab, http://compostandheight.com

37:32 – 55:12  /  five elements music  /  untitled ii  /  nexus  /  still*sleep
http://fem.subnota.com, http://ss.semperflorens.net

42:49 – 54:57  /  stalkspace  / kalmarasmachineria /  ieskăbušais kalmăra rīts  /  kalmarasmachineria  /  –

47:28 – 54:02  /  ubeboet  /  northern rain  /  archival  /  moving furniture
http://www.con-v.org/ube, http://www.movingfurniturerecords.com

52:00 – 57:00  /  sebastiane hegarty  /  the opposition of one body to the motion of another  /  three recent  /  –

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