#284: 2010.05.16

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on the road again, so i’ll once again keep it short and sweet.  this week i’m writing to you from the attic of the uue maailma seltsimaja (‘new world community house’) in tallinn – a very interesting community project, well worth looking into: http://www.uusmaailm.ee.  we (john grzinich, derek holzer and i) will be hosting our workshop sonic surveys of tallinn here over the next week, as part of our collaboration with tuned city (http://www.tunedcity.net) over the coming month, and then throughout 2011.  is you’re around please check it out!

meanwhile some recordings i’ve been trying to get to for some time, including an excellent pair of discs by mathieu ruhlmann on the new unfathomless label, brought to us by the good folks at mystery sea, some great spatialization from dallas simpson, and the beautifully packaged (on ben owen’s letterpress machine) and beautiful sounding album by gilles aubry, which i noticed seemed to make a lot of the ‘best of 2009’ lists that were going around a few months ago.  also some more sounds from canada’s absolute value of noise, and yet another great framework intro by martin clarke.

00:00 – 04:20  /  martin clarke  /  framework introduction

02:43 – 12:32  /  absolute value of noise  /  light tunnel  /  light bulb  / absolute value of noise

04:25 – 15:33  /  mathieu ruhlmann  /  [extract 1] /  funayūrei  /  unfathomless
http://www.woodenspinebox.com, http://unfathomless.wordpress.com

10:05 – 23:32  /  gilles aubry  /  part 1  /  s6t8r  /  winds measure
http://www.soundimplant.com, http://www.windsmeasure recordings.net

14:30 – 32:51  /  dallas simpson  /  the alarming blend of three arches  /  –  /  –

25:53 – 31:33  / mathieu ruhlmann  /  part i  /  tsukubai  /  unfathomless
http://www.woodenspinebox.com, http://unfathomless.wordpress.com

29:41 – 35:59  / absolute value of noise  /  grey-tint  /  light bulb  / absolute value of noise

31:21 – 41:51  /  mathieu ruhlmann  /  [extract 2]  /  funayūrei  /  unfathomless
http://www.woodenspinebox.com, http://unfathomless.wordpress.com

33:52 – 48:39  / gilles aubry  /  part 2  /  s6t8r  /  winds measure
http://www.soundimplant.com, http://www.windsmeasurerecordings.net

45:40 – 54:09  / absolute value of noise  /  wire coil pickup  /  light bulb  / absolute value of noise

47:03 – 51:18  / mathieu ruhlmann  /  part vi  /  tsukubai  /  unfathomless
http://www.woodenspinebox.com, http://unfathomless.wordpress.com

52:07 – 57:00  / mathieu ruhlmann  /  part iv  /  tsukubai  /  unfathomless
http://www.woodenspinebox.com, http://unfathomless.wordpress.com

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