#256: 2009.11.01

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another edition of framework250 tracks this week, featuring emmanuel mieville‘s collage of open-air recorded moroccan music, michael rüsenberg‘s field-recording of and brief interview with a uk trash collector, seth nehil’s delicately textural composition, and nuno moita and matteo uggeris melancholic ode to machinery.  we also heard a few more tracks from markus jones‘ ambit din release, and two 3″ cdrs by french composer anton mobin.  don’t forget, you can reserve yourself a copy of the framework250 double cd, featuring the exclusive tracks above and many more, by donating on the frameworkwebsite.  next week will be our next edition of framework:afield, this one produced by uk sound artist karen lauke.

00:00 – 04:34  /  ted versicolor  /  framework introduction

04:04 – 15:57  /  emmanuel mieville  /  gnaoua song  /  framework250  /  framework editions
http://www.myspace.com/ongaka, http://www.frameworkradio.net

13:33 – 25:00  /  anton mobin  /  frequence  /  frequence  /  just not normal
http://audioblog.arteradio.com/anton_mobin, http://justnotnormal.wordpress.com

16:42 – 26:44  /  markus jones  /  soundwalk  /  sympathetic vibration  /  ambit din
http://www.markusjones.co.uk, http://www.ambitdin.com

26:35 – 30:34  /  michael ruesenberg  /  steve welsh  /  framework250  /  framework editions
http://www.realambient.de, http://www.frameworkradio.net

30:30 – 32:37  /  maria papadomanolaki  /  west india quay bridge (contact)  /  –  /  –

32:11 – 39:10  /  seth nehil  /  twine  /  framework250  /  framework editions
http://www.sethnehil.artdocuments.org, http://www.frameworkradio.net

39:01 – 53:35  /  anton mobin  /  micro-climat  /  micro-climat  /  konkretourist
http://audioblog.arteradio.com/anton_mobin, http://konkretourist.de

39:59 – 53:14  /  markus jones  /  internal broadcast  /  sympathetic vibration  /  ambit din
http://www.markusjones.co.uk, http://www.ambitdin.com

52:11 – 57:00  /  nuno moita & matteo uggeri  /  machines help us  /  framework250  /  framework edtions
http://nunomoita.blogspot.com, http://www.greysparkle.com, http://www.frameworkradio.net

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