#254: 2009.10.18

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moving on to our third edition of framework250 celebrations, this week we heard exclusive tracks by jim haynes (with whom i have just finished a small tour of the northeastern united states – and a pleasure it was, sir!), dallas simpson (a long-time and always thought-provoking contributor to framework) and keith berry (who fans know we haven’t heard from in quite some time, so this is a real treat).  jim and keith have each given us beautiful composed tonal and textural works, while dallas has produced one of his special binaural works, conceptually structured around community radio (and resonancefm in particular) and it’s fragility.  he says:

“recorded in-car, using custom in-ear binaural microphone techniques. selected from over an hour of driving and radio tuning on the M25 on 5th september 2009, recorded as a live continuous single take. edited and mixed by dallas simpson. all sounds are as heard, live and unprocessed. the work is a play on the term “radio traffic” and an allusion to the frailty of resonancefm.  by recording on the fringe of reception and ending the track entering a tunnel, where the radio drops out to white noise, the fragility of existence of resonancefm is metaphorically alluded to.”

we also heard tracks this week from bernhard gal‘s release of live performance recordings, and markus jones release on the new ambit dit label, an endeavour of auricular recordings.  next week we are pleased to present a framework:afield edition produced in udine, italy by giancarlo toniutti.  i’m sure you can’t wait!

00:00 – 02:13  /  osvaldo cibils  /  framework introduction
http://osvaldocibils.com, http://osvaldocibils.com/sound.html

00:31 – 10:43  /  bernhard gal  /  velvet green  /  relive  /  gromoga
http://www.bernhardgal.com, http://www.gromoga.com

08:32 – 19:53  /  jim haynes  /  virga  /  framework250  /  framework editions

19:40 – 28:59  /  bernhard gal  /  konzerthauskeller /  relive  /  gromoga
http://www.bernhardgal.com, http://www.gromoga.com

20:33 – 33:18  /  markus jones  /  sympathetic vibration  /  sympathetic vibration  /  ambit din
http://www.markusjones.co.uk, http://www.ambitdin.com

33:04 – 40:04  /  dallas simpson  /  m25: radio / traffic  /  framework250  /  framework editions

40:01 – 46:56  /  markus jones  /  crespuscularhumming /  sympathetic vibration  /  ambit din
http://www.markusjones.co.uk, http://www.ambitdin.com

40:08 – 48:38  /  bernhard gal  /  uhudler
/  relive  /  gromoga
http://www.bernhardgal.com, http://www.gromoga.com

47:03 – 57:00  /  keith berry  /  archipelago  /  framework250  /  framework editions

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