#252: 2009.10.04

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welcome to the 2nd edition of our framework250 celebrations!  these celebrations are going to continue for awhile, so you might as well get used to them…

in this edition we heard framework250 tracks from peter cusack, thomas tilly (aka ), rie nakajima, and chris watson.  these are all new exclusive tracks in celebration of framework passing its 250th edition, which aired in september.  a selection of the clebratory tracks (as many as will fit on two cds) will be published  towards the end of the year, which can be yours in return for a modest donation.  i’ve been blathering on about this for some time, but all the details can be found on the framework website (not to mention just above, in the heading of this mail), and we hope you will donate, help out framework, and reserve yourself a copy of what will be a great release…

chris and peter both contributed some beautiful untreated field recordings, chris with a recording of nesting ravens, and peter with 2 short recordings made with contact mics attached to train tracks.  rie and thomas both contributed beautiful compositions, thomas with elemental textural sounds, and rie with more intimate domestic details.  meanwhile, we also heard some other submissions we’ve had kicking around for awhile; two improvisations recorded using an fm radio in the early 80’s by michael snow, and some new and as yet unreleased compositional work by the ever active eric cordier (who has also contributed a track for the framework250 project, which we’ll be coming to in an upcoming show).

finally, i should announce that framework once again has a new address.  framework hq will be relocating from the home it has had for the last 3 years in france to a new one in southeast estonia, where it will begin a long term collaboration with the the moks centre for art and social practice (http://moks.ee).  stay tuned for more news about those collaborations in coming months.  see below for the new permanent address.  don’t worry if you’ve already sent something to the french address; i will be returning there in early november and will be able to pick up anything that has arrived there.

00:00 – 04:08  /  tom mansell  /  framework introduction
[no web info]

02:27 – 10:11  /  michael snow  /  [track 1, extract 1] /  2 radio solos  /  blackwood gallery

04:20 – 10:39  /  eric cordier  /  [track 1, extract 1] /  pied d’ame  /  –
[no web info]

10:38 – 20:02  /  tô  /  for julien  /  framework250  /  framework editions

19:45 – 26:40  /  eric cordier  /  [track 1, extract 2] /  pied d’ame  /  –
[no web info]

20:08 – 23:33  /  michael snow  /  [track 1, extract 2] / 2 radio solos  /  blackwood gallery

26:38 – 28:07  /  peter cusack  /  rail contact hoverfly  /  framework250  /  framework editions

27:49 – 34:56  /  rie nakajima  /  stepless  /  framework250  /  framework editions
[no web info]

34:28 – 36:09  /  peter cusack  /  rail contact pass train  /  framework250  /  framework editions

36:08 – 46:58  /  michael snow  /  [track 2] / 2 radio solos  /  blackwood gallery

36:48 – 50:45  /  eric cordier  /  [track 5] /  pied d’ame  /  –
[no web info]

50:33 – 57:00  /  chris watson  /  ravens  /  framework250  /  framework editions

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