#251: 2009.09.27 [simon whetham]

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this edition has been produced in the uk by simon whetham, and features artists he encountered during a residency in estonia in early 2009. for more info see http://www.activecrossover.co.uk, or http://www.simonwhetham.co.uk.


Framework Afield: Active Crossover

Active Crossover began with Simon being invited as Artist-in-residence at the Polymer Factory Culturehouse in Tallinn, Estonia. During the residency Simon recorded in Tallinn, Tartu and in rural Estonia, and also Riga in Latvia, meeting and working with a number of other artists.

It became clear that this was a kind of cultural exchange, with ideas, approaches and theories discussed and compared. Simon also received a great deal of support and generosity during his trip.

There were already plans to exhibit the results of the residency as an installation, but the idea formed that work by the artists Simon worked, performed and traveled with would also be included, juxtaposed with Simon’s own compositions. More details of the installation and the project as a whole can be found at www.activecrossover.co.uk.

This edition of framework:afield gathers work by the artists involved, as well as some recordings from the residency. Many thanks to all the contributors and all at the Polymer Factory/Art Container for making it possible.



00:00 Simon Whethamh – intro

01:02 jgrzinich – Sentience of Spring

11:04 Jez riley French – Live @ Y-Gallery, Tartu 19th May 2009

20:48 Simon Whetham – Aeolian Roof Pipe

21:47 Maksim Shentelev – 16-36

30:32 Sound Meccano – Walking Through

37:04 Simon Whetham – Tallinn Port/Tartu Generator Harmonics

42:18 Toomas Thetloff – Wire Brush & Buckwheat

45:04 Active Crossover Composition Workshop

45:04 Merilyn Puus – From Butterflies to Crows

47:12 Liina Vedler – Piiks

49:20 Piibe Piirma – Sound for Babies

51:44 Jaanika Kakluse – The Walk

52:52 Simon Whetham – Polymer Factory Printing Press

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