#248: 2009.09.06

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greetings, and welcome to the first new playlist after our little summer break – we’re back, and in full force with this bug-based edition to coincide with resonancefm‘s participation in pestival last week in london.  we dug through lots of material, new and old, with works from 2009 back to 1973, to collect tracks constructed from, containing, or inspired by the sounds of insects.  what’s more, we were lucky to have recently been sent this buggy framework introduction, recorded recently in poland by uk artist martin clark.

we also have some important news:  this month framework will hit an amazing landmark, with the broadcast of our 250th show! it will air on september 20th (and not on september 27th, as i imply in this six-legged edition, ahem), and will begin a series a celebrations that will continue throughout the rest of this year.  a very large group of artists, who have all contributed to the development of framework over the years, have agreed to donate new and exclusive works to mark the occasion.  we will begin airing these exclusive works in show #250, and will then be publishing all the works on a special 2cd compilation with handmade, silk-screened packaging.  the release will not technically be for sale, but will be given as a thank you gift to anyone who makes a one-time donation of 25 euros or more (or to any subscription that will result in the same amount) through the framework website.  but no need to wait!  donate now and you’ll go at the top of the list to receive a copy as soon as it’s available.  also, those of you who have already given need not feel left out; you’ll all be receiving a copy as well.

so – many artists, well-known and unknown alike (you’ll be finding out who over the next several weeks), have agreed to donate their work as a sign of support for framework, now is the time for you to show your support too!  visit the framework website, donate now, and reserve yourself a copy of the framework250 celebratory 2cd compilation.  as always, 25% of your donation will go directly to resonancefm.

00:00 – 04:07  /  martin clarke  /  framework introduction

01:57 – 05:16  /  baka forest people of southeast cameroon  /  a capella  /  heart of the forest  /  hannibal

03:02 – 10:15  /  rolf julius  /  gamelan 1  /  klangbogen – small music vol. 2  /  edition rz

08:00 – 13:03  /  artificial memory trace  /  elekreon (insekt raga)  distori (noah)  /  sonoris
http://www.artificialmemorytrace.com, http://www.sonoris.org

10:19 – 16:45  /  coeval  /  memoria modulada  /  distante ii  /  alg-a

12:55 – 18:21  /  brandon labelle  /  a doorway is a membrane wet with each passing  /  shadow of a shadow  /  selektion
http://www.errantbodies.org/labelle.html, http://www.selektion.com

18:18 – 19:58  /  chris watson  /  deathwatch beetles  /  outside the circle of fire  /  touch
http://www.chriswatson.net, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

18:58 – 30:35  /  bruno moreigne  /  animal  /  bruit, sons, paroles et silences de la foret  /  kaon

20:44 – 35:12  /  knud viktor  / ambiance 1  /  ambiances  /  l’oiseau musicien
[no web info]

20:58 – 35:48  /  yannick dauby  /  [track 1] /  fevrier  /  cherry music
http://www.yannickdauby.net, http://cherrymusic.info

22:15 – 27:16  /  jeph jerman  /  flies  /  more sound  /  –

22:59 – 39:51  /  tarab  /  surface  /  surfacedrift  /  naturestrip
http://www.23five.org/tarab, http://www.naturestrip.com

35:55 – 41:52  /  etant donnes  /  droite  /  bleu  /  staalplaat
http://etant-donnes.com, http://www.staalplaat.com

39:49 – 49:03  /  toy.bizarre  /  chapitre 2  /  kdi dctb 02  /  duebel

40:31 – 51:25  /  michael prime  /  nocturnal resort  /  cellular radar  /  mycophile
[no web info]

44:25 – 52:16  /  joe colley & jason lescalleet  /  hazards peculiar to the night  /  annihilate this week  /  korm plastics

49:37 – 55:26  /  doug haire  /  myrtle beach, sc midnight / abilene, ks sundown  /  19 american waysides  /
http://doughaire.com, http://www.ribexibalba.com/ar

51:05 – 54:51  /  justin bennett  /  curious treasures  /  noise map  /  spore
http://this.is/justin, http://spore.soundscaper.com

54:03 – 56:26  /  baka forest people  /  distant yelli

56:17 – 57:00  /  chris watson  /  insect hidden in the leaf litter
http://www.chriswatson.net, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

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