#246: 2009.07.19

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our last regular edition before our august holidays – we’ve got one more edition of framework:afield coming up for you next week (the 2nd part of france jobin‘s my favorite things), and then we’ll be airing some archive shows while we take a much needed break.  next week we’ll let you know which editions we’ll be airing so you can check the playlist archive for details while we’re away.  those dates will also be up on the website.

this edition featured some new unreleased material, and some sort-of-new free downloadable material.  idle quietist (uk), olga palomäki (fi) and maria balabas (ro) all treated us to some of their unreleased work, while jgrzinich (ee) released some of his own archive material as free mp3s on his own maaheli editions.  we also heard some new work by mathieu ruhlmann, and a first contribution to the show from canadian artist and designer ambrose pottie, in the form of  a framework introduction.  hopefully there will be more coming from him in the future.

and just before we disappear for our summer holidays, i would like to point out a little detail that we’re rather excited about:  both resonancefm and framework turned 7 this past summer, and, doing some late-night math recently, we have realised that we will soon be airing our 250th (!) edition of the show!  so we are now planning just how we will be celebrating this event.  i don’t want to give it away, but suffice it to say it already involves upwards of 20 artists who have been instrumental in making framework what is it today, and it will involve lots of great sounds entering your ears.

meanwhile i would also like to say thank you to the listeners who have decided to become regular or one-time framework donors.  we really need your support, and we really appreciate these efforts on your part.  you will notice that i have added a list of donors with links to their projects/websites/myspaces/whatever to the framework website, so go have a look and see who our supporters are, or become one yourself.  let’s make another 250 editions possible.  as always, 25% of your donation goes directly to resonancefm

00:00 – 03:00  /  ambrose pottie  /  framework introduction
[no web info]

01:31 – 05:45  /  maria balabas  /  cararuie cu [extract 1] /  –  /  –
http://vorbas.blogspot.com, http://dimineatacrossover.blogspot.com

01:52 – 12:32  /  jgrzinich  /  ignition  /  time’s arrow landing  /  maaheli editions

08:13 – 21:31  /  idle quietist  /  snow  /  –  /  –

15:37 – 24:54  /  mathieu ruhlmann  /  [track 4] /  fourteen worms for victor hugo  /  gears of sand
http://www.gearsofsand.net, http://www.woodenspinebox.com

22:02 – 30:11  /  olga palomäki  /  raging spirits  /  –  /  –
[no web info]

25:48 – 37:36  /  jgrzinich  /  what is written in the clouds /  time’s arrow landing  /  maaheli editions

29:18 – 37:37  /  maria balabas /  cararuie cu [extract 2] /  –  /  –
http://vorbas.blogspot.com, http://dimineatacrossover.blogspot.com

35:41 – 44:41  /  mathieu ruhlmann /  [track 1] /  fourteen worms for victor hugo  /  gears of sand
http://www.gearsofsand.net, http://www.woodenspinebox.com

40:03 – 51:47  /  idle quietist  /  thaw /  –  /  –

41:12 – 53:38  /  jgrzinich  /  hollow drain /  time’s arrow landing  /  maaheli editions

48:05 – 53:37  /  mathieu ruhlmann /  [track 7] /  fourteen worms for victor hugo  /  gears of sand
http://www.gearsofsand.net, http://www.woodenspinebox.com

51:17 – 57:00  /  maria balabas /  cararuie cu [extract 3] /  –  /  –
http://vorbas.blogspot.com, http://dimineatacrossover.blogspot.com

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