#220: 2009.01.04


happy new year!

we’re back with the first playlist of 2009, a great collection of tracks from all over the world, and a few announcements:

first, we have a new website!  or rather, the same old website but in a new location.  we also have a new email address.  from now on you will find us here:


our mailing list has also moved and is being rebuilt, so if you would like to subscribe to receive these playlists directly, drop a mail to info@frameworkradio.net with SUBSCRIBE in the message subject.  we’re trying to clear out old non-working addresses, so only addresses that have subscribed this way to this new address will remain on the direct list.

so this week’s show began with an intro from framework regular felicity ford (check out her own radio podcasts, the missability radio show, and the fantastical reality radio show), and went on to feature 2 compilations: one a collection of experimental sounds gathered by the syrphe label from africa, asia, and the middle east; the other a double disc featuring a long piece by cornucopia and a full disc of remixes.  we also heard some great unreleased work by eric cordier

lastly, my semi-regular plea: now, with  anew year, is the time to record a framework introduction!  whether you’ve recorded one before or not, go for it!  guidelines at the end of this mail.  also, we are low on proposals for framework:afield!  if you have an idea for a full edition of field-recording based radio, get in touch!  it’s an open call, and we always need new collaborators…

00:00 – 06:35  /  felicity ford  /  framework intro
http://www.fantasticalreality.com, http://www.missability.com

02:44 – 17:57  /  cornucopia  /  .c. [excerpt 1] /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.fukkgodorg/cornucopia, http://www.zeromoon.com

09:27 – 19:47  /  eric cordier  /  [track 1] /  regne animal, regne mineral  /  –

18:26 – 22:05  /  hung nguyen manh  /  distor-summer  /  beyond ignorance and borders  /  syrphe
http://hung6776.multiply.com/music, http://www.syrphe.com

20:56 – 26:06  /  tv pow  /  don’t sweat the credit balance, it’ll all be over soon  /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.tvpow.net, http://www.zeromoon.com

23:56 – 31:29  /  eric cordier  /  [track 4] /  regne animal, regne mineral  /  –

31:28 – 35:29  /  duul_drv  /  to see cedars  /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.myspace.com/duuldrv, http://www.zeromoon.com

32:58 – 39:45  /  li chin sung & tibetan friends  /  yin  /  beyond ignorance and borders  /  syrphe
http://www.noiseasia.com/dick, http://www.syrphe.com

36:03 – 44:40  /  cornucopia  /  .c. [excerpt 2] /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.fukkgodorg/cornucopia, http://www.zeromoon.com

41:59 – 51:33  /  eric cordier  /  [track 7] /  regne animal, regne mineral  /  –

45:22 – 49:18  /   goh lee kwang  /  the night as it was raining  /  beyond ignorance…  /  syrphe
http://www.gohleekwang.info, http://www.syrphe.com

48:08 – 53:24  /  ultra milkmaids  /  he-riko  /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.ultra-milkmaids.com, http://www.zeromoon.com

51:10 – 55:24  /  mahmoud refat  /  subway  /  beyond ignorance and borders  /  syrphe
http://www.100copies.com, http://www.syrphe.com

52:36 – 57:00  /  andrew duke  /  .c. (remix)  /  .c works  /  zeromoon
http://www.cognitionaudioworks.com, http://www.zeromoon.com

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