#205: 2008.07.20 [david jensenius]

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this edition of framework:afield has been produced in cleveland, ohio by david jensenius and features the crooked river songlines project.  for more information see http://www.crookedriversonglines.com.  about the project:

Crooked River, 1st and 3rd persons is a 48-hour recording and broadcasting project that re-engages the multiple legacies of the Cuyahoga River – its industrial fires, marine life losses, engineers’ ambitions, immigrant dreams, serpentine navigations – with its contemporary forms of agency. The river’s complex template as an industrial, cultural and natural waterway is re-inscribed as a sonic wayfinding system through the city grid of downtown Cleveland and the venue of Ingenuity Festival 2008. This project in first and third person intertwines macro forces and events of this dynamic waterway with the performative dimensions of the festival, harnessing nimble recording and broadcasting technologies to enable new methods of dialogue. Participants encounter these dynamic flows of natures and cultures via radio broadcasts, eavesdropping and interactive landmarking, and collectively embody – and co-emerge with – the past, present and future Cuyahoga River.

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