#179: 2008.01.13

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welcome to the first new edition of framework of 2008!  we are now entering our 7th calendar year of broadcasting, if you can believe that, and still going strong.  we’ve got some great programming coming up in the next several months, as we work our way through a huge pile of great recent submissions, and make our way through a great lineup of new framework:afield submissions…

so we started 2008 off with a focus on a (relatively) new french label, ferns, whose catalog is made up entirely of those fetish-inducing little 3″ cds (we heard one of their early releases awhile back in the form of mnortham‘s go) – releases from giancarlo toniuttijoe colleydaniel menche and toy.bizarre, and wonderful pieces, all of them.  we also finally got around to broadcasting some sounds by a true old favorite, the french masters of environmental construction, etant donnes.  we heard several tracks from an early ep, royaume, released as one of touch‘s first publications in 1991 (nearly 20 years ago!  yikes!).  so an accidental french theme this week; appropriate, i suppose, as i have just returned to france after a month in the uk.  i’ll be sneaking some more etant donnes into broadcasts in the coming months as well…

so it’s 2008, and once again, i’m looking for new propositions for editions of framework:afield, our series of guest-curated shows.  57 minutes, all for you, to create a unique piece of radio art – if you’re interested in making a proposition get in touch and i’ll send you the details!

00:00 – 05:03  /  mathias josefson  /  framework intro

04:11 – 08:17  /  etant donnes  /  royaume [extract 1]  /  royaume  /  touch
http://etant-donnes.com, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

05:28 – 25:19  /  giancarlo toniutti  /  –  /  Ura itam taala’ momojmuj löwajamuj cooconaja  /  ferns
http://www.quasi-rn.org, http://www.fernsrec.com

10:45 – 13:56  /  etant donnes  /  royaume [extract 2]  /  royaume  /  touch
http://etant-donnes.com, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

16:00 – 19:28  /  daniel menche  /  kanticle  /  ferns
http://esophagus.com/htdb/menche, http://www.fernsrec.com

22:51 – 30:33  /  etant donnes  /  bleu  /  royaume  /  touch
http://etant-donnes.com, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

29:31 – 39:53  /  joe colley  /  [track 1]  /  hive  /  ferns

38:26 – 58.56  /  toy.bizarre  /  –  /  kdi dctb 039  /  ferns
http://www.ingeos.org, http://www.fernsrec.com

46:56 – 55:35  /  joe colley  /  [track 2]  /  hive  /  ferns

55:48 – 59:30  /  etant donnes  /  matin  /  royaume  /  touch
http://etant-donnes.com, http://www.touchmusic.org.uk


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