#178: 2007.12.09 [gill arno]

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this edition of framework:afield was produced in brooklyn, new york, by gill arno.  gill says:


The initial curiosity behind this sort of survey was to approach a range of ideas and feelings that come with the choice of living in a foreign country – far away from one’s birthplace and the country where his or her mother tongue is spoken… voluntarily removed from the day-to-day exchange with the people that one had grown up with and their mores. Each participant was asked to submit two field recordings: one deemed of a “familiar sound” and one of an “alien sound”. The definition of familiar and alien was left to the subjectivity of individual responses.

The following artists contributed their recordings:
Hitoshi Kojo (place of birth: Ibaragi, Japan/current residence: Hull, Canada), Jason Kahn (New York, NY, USA/Zürich, Switzerland), jgrzinich (Poughkeepsie, NY, USA/Mooste, Estonia) Marcone Galvani (Milan, Italy/Brooklyn, NY, USA), Richard Garet (Montevideo, Uruguay/New York, NY, USA), sawako (Nagoya, Japan/Brooklyn, NY, USA).

Further information:
Hitoshi Kojo (http://www.octpia.com/kojo)
Jason Kahn (http://jasonkahn.net)
jgrzinich (http://maaheli.ee http://moks.ee)
Richard Garet (http://richardgaret.com)
sawako (http://www.troncolon.com)

This program was produced by Gill Arno in Brooklyn between Summer and Fall 2007.
more info at: http://www.m-i-c-r-o.net/mpld

00:00 – 15:00 Richard Garet – familiar
14:17 – 17:14 Jason Kahn – familiar (rain)
16:29 – 19:00 Hitoshi Kojo – Ardeche (familiar)
18:40 – 23:58 jgrzinich_Familiar (The familiar sounds include: walking in autumn leaves; cars; lake shore sounds; cicadas)
23:34 – 24:34 sawako “the brand new fan ~ familiar sound in my room” recorded in August 27th 2007
24:27 – 31:07 Marcone Galvani – Ceci n’est pas: familiar (construction workers bending iron bars in my backyard, progressively filtered so as to leave only the recording artifact found at about 9 kHz)
29:29 – 40:07 Richard Garet – unfamiliar
39:29 – 41:54 sawako “the brand new fan ~ alien sound in my room” recorded in August 4th 2007
41:33 – 43:03 Hitoshi Kojo – Geneve (alien)
43:10 – 46:16 Jason Kahn – unfamiliar (cows with their bells in the mountains)
45:10 – 57:00 jgrzinich_Unfamiliar (The unfamiliar sounds include: old telephone lines, spring night birds; nightingales, crex crex; old oil tanks; underwater insects)

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