#164: 2007.06.06

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some of you may have noticed that this edition didn’t actually air at the appropriate time in the appropriate place on your fm dial – there were some technical difficulties at the studio.  but not to worry, you haven’t missed your chance, as this show will now be available, as is every edition, for streaming and podcasting for the next seven days!  so now’s your chance to make that virtual leap – isn’t the internet wonderful?

it was probably my punishment for engaging in some blatant self-promotion, in the form of airing not one, but both sides of my own shiny new 7″ vinyl record on germany’s drone records, entitled ‘in their homes and in their heads’.  it features heavily treated sound sources from a parisien apartment and a londonien secret garden, as well as a package with handmade paper (made by these very hands!) containing a smorgasbord of pulped personal items (including a summer’s worth of hair, if you must know, and yes, only from my head).  so if that was my punishment, now i’m really doomed…

we also heard the 3rd of 4 tracks from the social interiors album ‘spatial circumference’, a solo yann novak work composed from the sounds of fans inflating 2 transparent vinyl houses (!), a sampling of the multiartist (ben owengill arnoandre goncalvesandy graydonrichard garet, and gil sanson) scored experiment that is ea, and another short recording from the french sound magazine sonatura.

and one more time: framework’s stock of listener provided introductions is running low!  if you enjoy the show, please consider contributing by recording your very own framework introduction – frame and fortune will follow!  find guidelines below in this mail, or on our website.

00:00 – 03:33  /  elizabeth lewin  /  framework intro
[no web info]

01:37 – 09:39  /  murmer  /  in his home  /  in their homes and in their heads  /  drone records
http://www.murmerings.com, http://www.dronerecords.de

07:48 – 23:30  /  yann novak  /  [excerpt 1]  /  intermission  / dragon’s eye

16:08 – 36:49  /  social interiors  /  things change things remain the same  /  spatial circumference  /  endgame

26:44 – 44:41  /  ea  /  [excerpt]  /  balancing act with controlled dynamics  /  winds measure

41:49 – 49:52  /  murmer  /  in her head  /  in their homes and in their heads  /  drone records
http://www.murmerings.com, http://www.dronerecords.de

46:56 – 59:03  /  yann novak  /  [excerpt 2]  /  intermission  / dragon’s eye

58:27 – 59:30  /  jean chevallier  /  pipistrelle commune  /  sonatura [compilation]  /  sonatura

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