#657: 2018.10.14

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julie rousse, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite), framework editions 2018

this is the second of 3 regular editions featuring our new framework:seasonal release, issue #10, autumn 2018. this week we take a listen to julie rousse‘s contribution, nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite). julie has this to say about he work:

Nag Mapu is the result of a research work around the Mapuche (first nation of Chile) culture. Their music is ritualistic, rhythmic and improvised around the natural sonic elements at play during the ritual. The whole suite of the research is called Esperando la Lluvia (Waiting for the Rain).

I have developed a performance with electromagnetic captors, field recordings and computer. During a residency in Cesare National Centre for Musical Creation (Reims, 2016), i have made several recordings of improvisations, this piece is one of them.

The electromagnetic captors are the main source of sound and represent the link between the body in performing movements and the earth. Other sonic materials come from recordings of the principal elements (wind, rain, sea, trees…).

In Mapudungun, Nag Mapu means the earth on which we stand.

along with this long work we listened to recent releases by kajsa lindgren (lp and dl), chris whitehead & mark browne (dl), nigel baldacchino (unreleased), sounds from the aporee maps, and a framework introducion by dillon vessels.

[time  /  artist  /  track  /  release  /  label]

00:00 – 03:10  /  dillon vessels  /  framework introduction, recorded in the u.s.
[no web info]

02:26 – 05:27  /  –  /  ruta panorámica  /https://archive.org/download/2018.10.14FrameworkRadio/framework657-2018.10.14.mp3  jayuya, pr  /  aporee soundmaps

03:31 – 14:03  /  kajsa lindgren  /  the inanimate world pt.III  /  womb  /  hyperdelia
https://inanimate.world, http://hyperdelia.com

07:01 – 18:24  /  mark browne & chris whitehead  /  [excerpt 1]  /  a history of breath  /  linear obsessional
https://taphonomyblog.wordpress.com, https://www.linearobsessional.org

12:07 – 23:55  /  nigel baldacchino  /   just war  /  everything is still here  /  –

17:55 – 22:31  /  jillis mollenaar  /  traffic buzz in front of the netherlands film academy  /  amsterdam, nl  /  aporee soundmaps

20:20 – 31:05  /  kajsa lindgren  /  forest  /  womb  /  hyperdelia
https://inanimate.world, http://hyperdelia.com

26:45 – 48:28  /  julie rousse  /  nag mapu (esperando la lluvia suite)  /  framework:seasonal #10, autumn 2018  /  framework editions

39:04 – 52:55  /  mark browne & chris whitehead  /  [excerpt 2]  /  a history of breath  /  linear obsessional
https://taphonomyblog.wordpress.com, https://www.linearobsessional.org

44:34 – 54:58  /  nigel baldacchino  /   immobile  /  everything is still here  /  –

53:20 – 57:56  /  paul whitty  /  listening to an unidentified sounding object while standing in the churchyard  /  wallingford, uk  /  aporee soundmaps

55:50 – 59:00  /  kajsa lindgren  /  cocoon  /  womb  /  hyperdelia
https://inanimate.world, http://hyperdelia.com

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